Jon Rahm: "If I think only of one big one, I lose the rest of the way" | sports

Jon Rahm: "If I think only of one big one, I lose the rest of the way" | sports

In the Meaztegi golf, the children smile, the parents swarm, nervous, and Jon Rahm walks wide, relaxed, kind, teasing, asking his father, Edorta, some letters to play a game of music. He and Javier Ballesteros, the son of the remembered Seve, have presided over the final of the children's circuit "Seve & Jon, golf for kids", in a spectacular day. The sun shines; the temperature does not fall below 18 degrees in the greens of the field of the mining area, a public space patronized by the Provincial Council.

The Barrika champion plans to go to Athletic-Valladolid at night, but he has time to discuss his things, which are the things of golf, while signing autographs, photographs are taken with the kids or with the press officer of the European Tour, María Acacia López -Bachiller, who has the gift of ubiquity, and asks her for that memory, now that she is retiring.

"My idol and my reference has been Seve," says Jon, before the words of Javier Ballesteros, who says that "since the idea of ​​this tournament came up, I thought it was something special. Jon has said many times that my father was his idol and I think they are very similar. In the family we are delighted. "

And will not it be bad for the children of this tournament to go to bed thinking that they are Jon Rahm? "I think not," says the aforementioned. "It's not easy, but it's not bad that they think they want to be Jon Rahm. I also wanted to be Ballesteros. It's a matter of talent and work. Someone can get it, why not? "

The Biscayan golfer says that his goal of the year that is about to end has already been fulfilled. "After finishing in the Bahamas, the 2018 keyword is maturity. I wanted to grow as a person, and I think I've done it, regardless of winning tournaments. I think that when you grow as a person you also do it as a player. I wanted to get to Sundays in the big ones and I've been close. " That personal challenge, now public, renews it for 2019, although it does not reveal it: I will not comment on my objectives for next year. I have it written in my notebook. If someone wants to know, they will have to enter my hotel room and steal my backpack. It's written there, "he jokes.

The Basque golfer spoke of everything, even the evolution of his sport: "Now you do not play like in Seve's time. The best way to limit the player is to make short and narrow fields. In Valderrama it is impossible to play as in some areas of the United States, where the tendency is to do the opposite, longer, wider fields. The fields where I have the most fun are the short and narrow fields, but everything evolves. We are becoming better athletes and the material is better. We can not take steps backwards. "

Rahm says he loves to play in Spain, which ended psychically destroyed after winning the Open in Madrid, "because I had won in lower categories and had to match the pressure of 50,000 people who wanted me to win, with mine, who also wanted win. I would love to play more at home, and in the week of the Andalusian Open, in which I have played twice at the French Open, I could be this year. " And he wants to keep improving. "You have to do it always. In the short game, compared to the best in the world, I fail a bit. There is one of the points of improvement. I hope it keeps growing. I put more pressure than anyone can get me. The pressure for me is motivation, what would be bad is that nobody gave a hard for me ". And for when a Major? "It's always there, in the head. I want it since I was a child, but you have to play very well and take it with patience. I like to go week by week and blow by blow. If I think about the Masters already, I'm going to lose a lot of what's on that road. "

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