Joint custody for divorced pets

Although these are not common lawsuits, in the Family Courts of Vigo Agreements with different formulas have long been formalized to balance the rights of both ex-spouses. “As a magistrate I have never had to set a visiting regime for pets. They have always been consensual solutions. It is always tried that the parties agree. In one of the cases it was agreed that the family dog, which was loved by many, would go with the children to the father's and mother's house when it was their turn, ”explains the magistrate. Dolores Galovart, at the head of the Court of First Instance number 12 of Vigo, specialized in Family.

Galovart: "I had a case in which the dog went with the children to the house he touched"


“I didn't have any problem with my ex. We had two dogs, mother and daughter. When we separated he was left with the responsibility of the mother and I with that of the daughter, but we tried to ensure that they were together on a daily basis. Many times for my work I would leave the little girl all day, other times I would take both of them. Maybe it doesn't have much merit because we are still great friends and we both loved dogs very much. We had no children, but they were never a cause of conflict, "explains Lucía, a woman from Vigo who shares" custody "of her pets with her ex-partner.

"I'm leaving home, but with the dog"


On other occasions the lawyers see each other and desire them during the mediation of the ex-spouses. It is the case of the lawyer Manuel Garcia: “I had a marriage that had two Saint Bernard dogs. The husband proposed that they each keep one of the pets, but the wife refused. He didn't want to separate them because they had always been together. Finally she kept the two of them. A week later one of the pets passed away. If they had been separated, there might have been recriminations ”, recalls the lawyer. The other case in which he had to act was in the divorce of a couple with older children who no longer lived in the family home. “The woman wanted to keep the dog and the man too. Finally he prevailed: I'm leaving home, but with the dog ”.

“We are waiting to see how they regulate everything. Social sensitivity to animals has been growing and in many cases couples without children turn to their pets. Now it seems incredible to have a dog chained all day, or to mistreat it. But there are many abandonments of animals. It is not enough to publish a norm in the BOE but the education of children is reinforced. I am concerned about the legislation if it is not accompanied by training. The sanction in case it is not enough ", exposes Vicente Viso, lawyer and president of the municipal shelter of A Madroa.


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