July 7, 2020

Johnson will warn at the NATO summit that peace is not "guaranteed"

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will warn Wednesday in an intervention at the NATO leaders summit that "peace cannot be taken for granted" and will urge the 29 partner countries to maintain their commitment to the "giant shield" which represents the Atlantic Alliance.

According to an excerpt from his advanced speech by Downing Street, the official office of the head of the British Government, Johnson will emphasize that 70 years after its creation, article 5 of the founding treaty of NATO remains in force.

"If any of us is attacked, all of us must go out in their defense," the prime minister plans to highlight.

"The doctrine of going to the aid of others that NATO embodies is the main explanation as to why British citizens, as well as millions of our friends, live today in peace and freedom," he will argue before the leaders of the Alliance.

Johnson will remember that the United Kingdom spends more than 2% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on defense, and will ask the rest of the partners to match their "words" with their "works."

It is also planned to underline that the United Kingdom is the European country that contributes most to the NATO Disposal Initiative, which intends that by 2020 30 air squadrons, 30 land battalions and 30 ships will be ready in 30 days.

London offers to contribute to these plans with two armed brigades, two squadrons of fighters and six military vessels.

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