May 11, 2021

John Müller: The Populist Stand



This week we will attend the presentation of results for the first quarter of the bulk of banks. To everyone’s surprise, Minister Nadia Calviño has already taken her place in the ranks of populism. The results cycle began on Thursday with Bankinter, which earned 148.3 million, 13.8% more than in the first quarter of 2020, and will continue this week with Santander, BBVA, Sabadell and will culminate on May 6 with Caixabank , the merger of Caixa and Bankia. The results will coincide with the announcement of the layoffs at Caixabank (8,291 people) and at BBVA (3,798 employees). It will be difficult to develop a debate that demarcates the rational from populism, the floodgates of which the minister has already opened by firing


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