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Taxes and tributes are a very powerful signal for society. Not only do they fix the contribution that each citizen makes to the maintenance of the State ("taxes are the price of living in a civilized society," said Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes), but they also penalize activities that produce negative externalities (the so-called taxes). pigouvians in honor of the economist Arthur Pigou) or discourage certain economic behaviors such as consumption (VAT) or reward others such as saving. So a tax reform tells us a lot about the idea of ​​society that a political party has.

In the case of Podemos, we know, from the proposal revealed this Monday, that it does not want employees who earn more than 120,000 euros in Spain. TO

He is not going to leave them alone and he is going to raise their taxes until almost half of their marginal income goes to the Treasury. Neither will those who earn more than 60,000 euros be given facilities to save for their old age. In other words, he wants employees who, instead of aspiring to earn more or receive an extraordinary award for their talent on a payroll, work less or get paid in other ways. And he doesn't want independent retirees.

Nor does he want people who manage their savings well, because the more profitability they get, the more they will have to give to the State. So, why do it well if it is enough to do it regularly?

Podemos does not want Spaniards to have houses worth more than 400,000 euros. That is the home that should fulfill your dreams and that is more than enough for you. And from one million euros, which is the greatest wealth accumulated by a Spaniard without being frowned upon by the purple party, you become a 'great fortune' and therefore have to deliver to the Treasury between 2% and 3.5% of everything you have each year. In addition, if you have several homes, you can put them up for rent, because if they are empty, they will apply an IBI surcharge.

The exemplary Spaniard of Podemos is not a shareholder in electricity companies that pollute and uses less cars that do. If you can't afford an overpriced hybrid or electric, and have to stick with your old diesel, think your taxes are going to help those who can.

Digital services are a threat to the country of Podemos, so he promises to raise taxes on them even as they are still trying to succeed and consolidate. Not to mention how concerned they are in Podemos with their health. They know well that taxes on certain products practically end their business, so they are going to tax not only sugary drinks but also impose a 'fat tax' (tax on overweight) for any food that seems harmful to them.

In conclusion, to fight against inequality and poverty, in Spain it is forbidden to try to get rich. Don't even try. That is the true path to the perfect society. [email protected]

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