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John and Yoko, a wedding in the key of peace

John y Yoko, una boda en clave de peace

the Beatles, it separates. Accused of being the cause of its rupture, Yoko will never be forgiven. Lennon had met Yoko and his life changed forever. Subjected to his spell, John makes her his lover, divorces her and makes her his wife.

That Japanese artist descended from samurai, considered the production of the Beatles mere 'commercial garbage'. But, he knew how to channel that trash with skill, and he convinced John that his

On April 22 of that same year, John is fully attached to the networks of Yoko, and decides to add Ono as a second name in a ceremony held on the roof of the the headquarters of his company, Apple Corps, in London, where three months before the Beatles had held an impromptu concert. John was no longer the same and would never be again. But… How it all started?

Yoko was a young avant-garde artist belonging to a wealthy Japanese family descended from samurai and bankers. His father was the director of the Bank of Japan.

Yokoenía smell very fine and had great aspirations. After receiving a solid musical education, against marriage to the great Japanese musician Toshi Ichiyanagi, who divorced in 1962. That same year the Beatles took the alternative, and she started her solo flight. A versatile artist, he composed and showed his work in the mostNew York halls, but could not be recognized except by a small intellectual stratum. Supposedly it would be in one of those exhibitions where he would contact for the first time with that young man who, as he was duly informed, had a promising future. John was easy prey. Son abandoned by a mother who supplied the absences of her husband, merchant seaman, with the intake of alcohol and the company of strangers, had been educated by his aunt Mimi, overprotective and obsessive. His childhood was terrible. Young despised by his fellow students, who laughed at his thick glasses and his hypersensitivity, he was determined to hate everything conventional. Taking advantage of a vacation from his wife, John takes his lover to the conjugal home.

The night is fruitful: two creative minds working in unison in a jam session give birth to an avant-garde song,

wo virgins,
his first joint work. They seal the culmination of their first work with a night of frantic love, which lasts until dawn. The cover of the album, in which both nudes appear, generates a stir and is labeled as pornographic.

The copies are seized in many States and even distributed wrapped in a brown paper that shows only their faces. John had finally given his destiny: in Yoko he finds the lover, the mother and the friend.

Just one year after Lennon's communion with Yoko, Paul MacCartney decides to leave the group. A year later John records his legendary Imagine, his second most legendary album as a soloist.

Would Yoko be right? After multiple unsuccessful attempts, on October 9, 1977, on the same date in which he did in his day John, born the son of both, Sean Taro Ono. Yoko had provoked the birth, a Japanese custom dictates that the son born the same day that his father inherits his talent when the father dies. The child reaffirms the relationship between the two, which at that time was seriously damaged.

But in 1980, Yoko does not know how to dominate John, a being, according to his words 'without will'. In September of that year, however, the artist presents his album Double Fantasy.

Only three months later, on December 8, Mark David Chapman, an avid grandmother of fame shoot against Lennon When I entered the Dakota building next to Yoko. They left behind their love, their political demands and their quarrels.

John and Yoko, Yoko and John, a couple registered ad eternum among the greats of rock history.

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