Joe Sacco, the extinction of an indigenous culture in cartoons | Babelia

Joe sacco (Malta, 1960) spent nine weeks (spread over three trips) in northern Canada in search of a new story. He is interested, he has told on several occasions, the oppressed communities as he has already reflected in his work in Palestine, Chechnya and the Great War. In A tribute to the land (Reservoir Books), his latest book, those who suffer are the indigenous people of northern Canada. The populations that have been fighting for centuries to recover their lands and culture.

In this new journalistic comic or book of "a cartoonist who does journalism", as he defines himself, he discovers the contradictions of a people that need work and that ends up participating in an industry, the gas industry, which is responsible for the deterioration enviroment.

Babelia advance some pages of A tribute to the land, a gallery of trappers, indigenous leaders, activists, priests ... direct witnesses to the deterioration of the planet.

Joe Sacco, the extinction of an indigenous culture in vignettes


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