August 8, 2020

Joaqun Sabina warns that his recovery “goes for months” – La Provincia

The musician Joaquín Sabina He has not ruled out returning to the stage this Sunday, although he has warned that the return would be alone and that his medical recovery “goes for months.”

“When I return it will be alone, with another show, with another album. I imagine,” he explained in an interview in La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, in which he also said that it is “impossible” for him to return to acting on tour. next to Joan Manuel Serrat.

Asked about his health after the fall, Sabina has indicated that he is “fine” and that he made a “mistake” during the performance. “I wound up on a cable and hit a host“, he has admitted, to later add between laughs that he cannot play the guitar because” the arm does not give of itself “.

The artist has also spoken out for the political management of culture in the crisis of coronavirus. Sabina pointed out that representatives of culture such as singers or filmmakers “have been left with their asses in the air and not knowing how to cover it up.” “Someone should think that apart from tourism, one of the values ​​of Spain is export culture“He stressed.” Jokes about that, no, “he sentenced.

The singer-songwriter has given his first interview after being discharged from the Ruber Internacional hospital, where he was admitted after undergoing surgery for an intracranial hematoma due to an accidental fall during a concert at the WiZink Center in Madrid on February 12.


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