September 20, 2020

Joaqun Sabina asks her partner, Jimena Coronado to marry – La Provincia

Joaquín Sabina has asked her to marry her partner for 20 years, Jimena Coronado. He has done it in the traditional way: by kneeling the floor and with a ring in his hand. He has been told in an Argentine television program his tour partner, Joan Manuel Serrat.

Between jokes and winks complicit in almost three decades of friendship, they confessed that the singer surprised his partner with the wedding request. Sabina reproached him that he shouldn't tell that, but with a small mouth. "I am 70 years old, the day Jime turned 50 I folded my cervix and in verse …". "Jimena has saved my life more than once," the jienense singer once explained. Both share life and house in Madrid since 1998.


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