January 25, 2021

"Joaquín Sabina is the best boss, the most generous" | Culture

"Joaquín Sabina is the best boss, the most generous" | Culture

In the bars of Mexico City, Buenos Aires or in the darkness of any apartment in a Latin American city, thousands of people have cried the sorrows of love with songs like And yet, the success of lack of love Joaquín Sabina. Koreada millions of times, it is a balm for the soul, with some tequilas between the chest and the back. And if you leave I go through the rooftops / like a cat without owner / lost in the handkerchief of bitterness. Lyrics loaded with a nostalgia that arrive to Mexico this time inside the suitcases of Mara Barros, Pancho Varona, Antonio Garcia de Diego and Paco Beneyto, the band of Sabina that 13 years ago created Sabinera night, a show that presents the best of the repertoire of the Spanish singer-songwriter venerated throughout Latin America. There will be 10 presentations on Aztec soil, in which fans can break the rules, get on stage and sing alongside the artist's companions. "You do not have to sing well, or that you know the song, just sing with us," invites Pancho Varona. There are plenty of reasons.

One of those reasons is that Sabina and her companions prepare new projects, after a break in the musical production and the overwhelming success of I deny everything. Although they do not delve into the new plans of the artist and his band, the four assure that it will be a year of "good news", during a conversation in the editorial office of EL PAÍS in Mexico. "Things are going to happen. And that's the best news we can give: that there are planned trips, that there are plans to do things together, "says Varona.

For the moment take advantage of this break to present in Mexico "Noche sabinera", a meeting for bohemians, romantics, who love the songs of Sabina. On March 19 and 20 they will be presented at the Lunario of the National Auditorium in Mexico City, but other presentations are also scheduled in Puebla (March 12), Tuxtla Gutiérrez (the 14th), Monterrey (16), León (22) ), San Luis Potosí (23) and Guadalajara (24). The band will also visit Guatemala City on March 15. "It's wonderful to be here in Mexico, it's an adventure," says Pancho Varona. "And without Joaquín! He is like a protective umbrella, although being without Joaquín gives a bit of vertigo. "

Question: How is Joaquín Sabina as boss?

Pancho Varona: Very generous, very close, is the best boss there is in Spain, the one who deals best, the one who pays the best. He's a great guy and the older we get, the softer we get, the more endearing.

Antonio García de Diego: The most regalón, because he is someone who gives us options to the musicians to sing songs in his show, and that – apart from him it suits him, because we already have an age – for us that is a gift.

Mara Barros: It is very fun too. I'm lucky that he comes to the dressing room to see me before starting the Show and I ask him questions, gossip, as if it is true that he slept with I do not know who. (Laughs)

P: Pancho, once said that when Sabina hired him he panicked and began to study. What have you learned from Sabina since then?

P. V.: I still play as bad as I used to, but I have learned to compose, to make songs, to read, to write, to travel. Joaquin is a teacher and he has taught me everything I know. To enjoy the countries, the trips, the tours. Joaquin has taught me everything. And above all to read and write.

P: And from this long professional relationship what are your favorite songs?

P. V .: Antonio and I have done 90 or 100 songs with Joaquín. We all like them, but there are some that stand out a little: But nevertheless, With you, Noise, This mouth is mine, Fishes… They are all my daughters, they are all beautiful, you love them all. Some are a little more beautiful than others, or they have been more successful in life, but they are all very beloved songs for us.

P: There is a veneration in Latin America towards Sabina and everything that surrounds it. What does Latin America represent for you?

M. B .: In America the public is as hotter. It is something that splashes us all directly. As Joaquin is so generous and gives us so much space on a stage, people recognize us and associate us.

A. G .: Here passion is unleashed much more, here a great freshness is unleashed. Once you're in Sabina's world, it's like we're part of it. The people of Sabina are very supportive, and we are apprentices of Joaquín and we feel involved in that adoration, although another level.

P. V .: When we come to Argentina, to Mexico, to Latin America, it is a special thing for us and for the public as well. Maybe there is more desire to see us. People value it, put more passion, give more. People love us too because of the fidelity we have with them, because if we keep together it's because something is good and that people value it. People love us more for that fidelity.

P: What projects for the future do you have, because after I deny everything Was there a feeling of being the end of a cycle?

M. B .: Yes, that disc rang goodbye, right? (Laughs)

P. V .: It can also be considered as the beginning of a new cycle, because we closed a cycle at that time with Antonio and I as producers and a new cycle was started with Leiva (José Miguel Conejo) as a producer and with other types of songs. For many years we were three: Joaquin, Antonio and I were composing and there came a time when we dried a little and needed fresh air, which Leiva gave him. This year there are projects, things are going to happen. And that's the best news we can give: that there are planned trips, that there are plans to do things together.

A. G.: Well, it seems to me that this album gave rise to a future, because I believe that Joaquín has had a greening, he has enjoyed it a lot. It is true that maybe we were a little tired and he also suffered his illness, which caused him to lock himself up a lot.

P: Has that life of excesses that is sung in Sabina's repertoire ended? What is life like now?

A. G .: We are older people, some more than others, but the physical endures …

P: Is there nostalgia for that time?

P. V .: I am delighted with the second part of my life that I am living. I think that both Antonio and Joaquín and I were smart in saying: "well, we already have an age, we are going to do things that correspond with that age". We are carrying it very well. It was fun, but this time for me is still better. My daily routines, what gives me daily happiness today, I like much more than what produced happiness before. The mornings, the dawns; I do not change that now for nothing. Before I did not know what a sunrise was and now instead I love getting up as soon as possible to enjoy the morning and day.

A. G .: I think you can see that now Joaquín internalizes more in his songs. Before everything was extroversion, street, hips, alcohol and now everything is more introspective.

P. V .: Everybody saw the rogue poet, but he's not such a scoundrel.

M. B .: I steal the phrase that there is no nostalgia worse than longing for what never happened. I am very sorry to have been born in the eighties and having lost all that time of Joaquín, all that nonsense, canallenería. I still identify more with Joaquín's first career than with I deny everything. Live life as they did. It is that there is every nonsense! That we are not going to tell you.

A. G .: It is good to live this life now having lived the other. Serenity is a good place.

P. V .: Exactly.

P: Do you think this is a good or bad time for music?

P. V .: Now people are looking for life as they can and that sharpens the ingenuity, having to say what I do, what I invent to continue traveling and playing live. That has made people put their batteries.

M. B .: There is a new stream of singer-songwriters – I know that here too – because thanks to networks you have everything at your fingertips. Before being in a seal was a sign of success, not now. As the industry is so fucked and sold so little, because people start to invent things, to compose much more, because they also have more experiences to tell. They have other ways of showing themselves, it does not depend so much on the industry. It is true that discs are no longer sold, but there are other options. I am very happy that we go back a little bit in history and go back to word of mouth. One comes to the audience because someone shares a song with me, another tells me about it, because I follow this one and I get a video related to this one. That excites me, because we are finally reaching people like they used to arrive before, when you went to a bar to sing and people followed you.

A. G .: Word of mouth is now the like to like.

P: Who came up with the Sabinera night?

P. V .: Suddenly we decided it was a good idea to play in a city the band of a well-known singer, without the singer. And we thought that it was also a good idea to invite people from the audience to sing with us, sing like cante, it does not matter, you do not have to sing well, or that you know the song, sing with us. And that's what people like, because they feel Sabina for a little while.

A. G .: People are excited to sing songs by Joaquín accompanied by Joaquín's band, although there is a big difference: we are much more nervous when we are alone than when we are with Joaquín. In some way success is assured, because what happens there is so great, although obviously you have to be very concentrated, because you are singing in a professional way, you are accompanying a great singer-songwriter. But it is also true that it takes away the pressure and when we leave, we are the ones who face each other.

M. B .: When we sing with Joaquín they are almost like paid vacations, because the responsibility is of him, we are accompanying him. People come to see him, we are going to do our bit, to beautify, but we do not have interviews, nor do we have to get up early. And, also, because Joaquín has the voice that he has, normally, he needs a couple of days of rest between concerts and concerts and we have two days off to get to know the city. Instead, in these concerts we show ourselves, people know our personality, we make jokes, we put the legs. It is just as beautiful, but different.


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