January 23, 2021

Joaquín Sabina falls from the stage in Madrid and cancels the concert after damaging one shoulder | Culture

Joaquín Sabina, in a wheelchair, says goodbye to the public after falling off the stage at a concert with Joan Manuel Serrat in Madrid. On video, emergency services evacuate the artist on a stretcher.

The singer Joaquin Sabina, who has turned 71 on Wednesday, has given his fans a good scare by falling off the stage at the WiZink Center, in Madrid, during a concert he offered along with Joan Manuel Serrat. The artist has been taken on a stretcher out of sight of the public and has been examined by doctors at the concert center. Shortly after I returned in a wheelchair pushed by Serrat to announce that the concert was suspended because it had been damaged: “These things only happen to me in Madrid, I am very sorry, I have taken a very hard blow on the shoulder”, has explained before a full Wizink Center cheering.

The concert began at 8.30 pm in the old Sports Palace in Madrid. The stop in the capital was part of the tour There are no two without three, the third one that both artists do together and friends for decades. After 9:00 p.m., after a solo from Serrat, the singer from Jienense was walking while talking to the audience to present Mediterranean, the best known subject of his fatigue partner, and has lost his footing, according to concert goers.

Sabina has fallen in the area that mediates between the audience and the stage, at a height of about two meters. Immediately, the emergency services of the center have evacuated him on a stretcher and turned off the lights. The public – impacted by the strong impact of the fall – remained in the pavilion waiting for news about their state of health.

The singer has been treated by the medical services of the WiZink Center and after a brief wait he returned to the stage in a wheelchair, pushed by Serrat, to say goodbye to the public. “I am very sorry,” he lamented, among the applause of his followers, who hope to enjoy later the concert that had just begun.

Both the public address of the pavilion and the promoter have pointed to May 22 as the date on which Joaquín Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat will presumably resume this appointment that, like the one held a few weeks ago in the same space, had all the capacity exhausted.

Other incidents

It is not the first time that the interpreter jienense suffers a mishap in the WiZink Center that forces him to suspend a concert. It already happened in 2014 a few songs from the end. According to him, it was due to stomach problems, although at first he said he had suffered a stage panic crisis.

It happened again in 2018, within the tour of I deny everything at the hour and a half of acting ran out of voice for “an acute dysphonia consequence of a viral process” and forced to cancel the four remaining concerts of the tour. Sabina’s weak iron health has been news many more times, especially when he was the victim of a stroke in 2001 from which he recovered.


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