Joaquín Prat, blunt with Rocío Flores: “You have to know how to win”

Joaquín Prat faces Rocío Flores

Joaquín Prat faces Rocío Flores

The victory of Olga Moreno in Survivors 2021 it has generated a tsunami whose effect will last for months.

If the final was already commented on by the tongo accusations to the producer of the program when the triumph of the robinsona was announced, now everything has become much more complex after announcing that the fThe winner of the survival reality show It will respond, in its own program, to the documentary starring Rocío Carrasco.

So far, the silence on the part of Moreno has been absolute. Little or nothing has been known about her since she had contact with the outside world, although we have seen some snapshots of Antonio David Flores’ wife with his daughter.

The first to tell how Olga is living her first hours as the winner of the contest has been Rocío Flores in The Summer Program, space in which he collaborates since Moreno began the adventure.

Rocío Carrasco’s daughter shared that Olga Moreno “is still in shock” and that “she is processing everything little by little.”

During her intervention in the program, Rocío Flores could not avoid the questions regarding the amount of criticism that Olga has received, not only during the contest, but also during the final gala of the program and after proclaiming herself the winner.

“They are all busted”, also snapped the daughter of Antonio David before the astonished gaze of his setmates and, in addition, he did not miss the opportunity to take a taunt at his mother. “For me, that Olga won is a personal victory,” he concluded.

“You have to know how to lose, but also know how to win”

Several colleagues of Ana Rosa’s star collaborator reminded Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter that it is very important to respect the opinion of the public since all comments are equally respectable.

However, it was Joaquin Prat who went a step further by reminding the young collaborator that, depending on how Olga’s victory fits and everything that it will bring, things can take on one or the other aspect.

“It is important to know how to win and also to know how to lose. We were saying it about Gianmarco, but it is also important to know how to win. Pay attention to me, now more than ever, “advised the presenter before Rocío’s silence.


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