Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen arrested in a weather rally

The American actors Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen were arrested this Friday on the stairs of the US Congress, accused of demonstrating without authorization, within the framework of the latest weekly concentration by the climate organized by the interpreter Jane Fonda in Washington, the known as “Fire Drill Fridays” (Friday Fire Simulation).

In this demonstration in front of the Capitol, the recently awarded a Golden Globe for his role in “Joker” invited those present to stop eating meat as part of their fight against this crisis: “I urge you to join me, you also, Jane, “said the actor.

In addition to Phoenix and Sheen, known for his role as president of the United States. In the series “The West Wing”, the protest was also attended by June Diane Raphael, Susan Sarandon and Amber Valletta.

The “Joker” and the “president of the west wing” were arrested along with another hundred people who were part of the demonstration against climate change.

A protest in which Fonda expressed concern about the danger of a new war following the increase in tensions between Iran and the US, and took the opportunity to invite those present to defend peace.

“The movement for climate and peace activism must move as one,” said the leading actress of the television series “Grace and Frankie.”

Fonda also had words for those affected by the fires in Australia, which he said he carried in his heart.

One of the most surreal moments of the rally was when, by telephone, climate activist Bill McKibben participated in the protest while occupying the Washington headquarters of the Chase Bank, an intervention he was forced to finish when the police arrived at the building.

Today’s “Fire Drill Friday”, which focused on the impact of banking activity on the climate, was the last manifestation of those organized by Jane Fonda in the United States capital thirteen weeks ago due to her presence in the city for contractual obligations.

However, this is not an end point to the development of this movement, because the Greenpeace environmental organization will be responsible for the transfer of these “drills” to California, where they will be held on the first Friday of each month, with the first one on 7 February

In addition, the environmental organization will support all those who want to organize a weekly “Fire Drill Friday” in their place of residence throughout the United States.


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