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Joaquín Notario (Yunquera de Henares, Guadalajara, 1958) is a heavyweight of Spanish classical theater. Master of the verse, in his long career he has embodied the most coveted characters of the Golden Age. He now stars Punishment without revenge, the great tragedy of Lope, with the National Company of Classical Theater.

What or who made him want to dedicate himself to the theater?

My friend Julio Navarro.

And specifically, to the classical theater?

Josefina García Aráez, my verse teacher when I was studying at the William Layton Laboratory. A great woman, who infected me with the love of verse.

Of all the classic characters he has played, what is his favorite?

Segismundo, of The life is dream, of Calderón de la Barca.

And which gave you more headaches?

Amon, in Tamar's revenge, by Tirso de Molina.

What is the last function you liked?

Let's forget about being tourists, by Josep Maria Miró.

And his favorite of all times?

Many, throughout my life I have seen works that have been like catharsis, for me. It would be very unfair if I name only one.

Now interpret the protagonist of Punishment without revenge, a man who kills his own son out of jealousy. How do you approach such a terrible character?

Well, without moral prejudices, above all. I try to remove the barriers that may exist between him and me.

Are you more of Lope or Calderón?

Why subject one to another? Both are geniuses of Spanish theater and I do not want to miss any of them.

If these authors lived today, what characters or situations do you think would inspire them as themes for a work?

Evidently, love. And power, which corrupts all the best of the human being.

If he was not an actor, what would he like to be?

Psychologist or elementary teacher.

Recommend us some adaptation to the cinema of a classic work.

The gardener's dog what Pilar Miró did It would be necessary to make one of Punishment without revenge or The life is dream.

What is socially overvalued?

Politically correct.

What role would you never accept?

I can not think of any.

To whom would you give the National Theater Award?

To José Sacristán, his interpretation in Porcelain doll It was masterful.


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