Joaquín Goyache, new rector of the Complutense with 50.2% of the votes

Joaquín Goyache, new rector of the Complutense with 50.2% of the votes

The doctor in Veterinary Joaquin Goyache has won this Wednesday the rector's elections of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), the largest university in Spain, with 50.2283% of the weighted votes, compared to 49.4044% obtained by the current rector, the mathematician Carlos Andradas.

In statements to Efe, Joaquín Goyache was "very happy" with the result, the participation and, especially, the support of the students for his candidacy.

"It took a change in the community of Complutense, we will try to make a better university and that students participate more in university life," said Goyache, who said that Carlos Andradas has called and given "all his congratulations."

The greatest support obtained by Goyache has been among the students, whose participation has been very low since, according to the Universidad Complutense on its web page, of a census of 71,808 only 5,559 have voted, of which 2,862 have been favorable to the professor. of Veterinary and 2.208 to Andradas, being 327 suffragans in white and 162 null.

The number of favorable votes to Goyache has also been a majority among the administration and services staff, who have given 1,394 supports against 1,158 who have opted for the professor of Algebra. The census of this group is 3,527 of those who have voted 2,857, 188 have been blank and 117 null.

Carlos Andradas has obtained, nevertheless, greater support on the part of the 2,203 professors with permanent dedication who have voted of the 2,895 registered ones. For him there have been 1,008 votes of this group for 949 of the winner. 223 voted blank and 23 were null.

Likewise, Andradas has achieved a higher endorsement than Goyache among full-time teachers; since, of the 745 votes cast counted, from a census of 1,601, 415 went to the first and 286 to the second, while 37 were white and 7 were null.

Of the 2,433 part-time teachers registered only 427 voted, 244 of them have supported Andradas and 157 of Goyache, while 23 did so in white and 3 were null.

According to the Statutes of the UCM, the weighting by sectors gives a 53 percent weight to the votes of the professors with permanent connection; 25 percent to the students; 12 percent to the PAS, while the rest of the teaching and research staff computed 10 percent.

Born in Pamplona in 1962, Joaquín Goyache has a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Complutense University in 1985 and a PhD from the same university in 1991.

After a one-year postdoctoral stay in the Department of Microbiology at the Washington State University (Pullman, USA), he has been dean of the Veterinary School of the UCM for eight years, as well as vice-rector of Organization and vice-chancellor of Postgraduate and Training continuous of the Complutense.

He is currently Professor of Animal Health and belongs to the Center for Veterinary Health Surveillance (VisaVet) of the UCM, where he has developed research in aspects as diverse as staphylococcal enterotoxins and studies of pathogenesis and morphogenesis of the Bovine Leukosis Virus (BLV).

He has been commissioned to prepare the White Paper of the Degree in Veterinary Science, as well as evaluator of European Veterinary Faculties.

In the last 25 years he has participated in national and international research projects, having published more than 100 articles, 61 of them in journals indexed by the 'Journal of Citation Report'.


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