Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Joaquín Caparrós announces that he suffers from chronic leukemia

Joaquín Caparrós announces that he suffers from chronic leukemia

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"They will have heard some news or social networks, you know that the red blood boils, there has been a rush between white and red blood, I have a chronic leukemia, I can live a normal life," Caparrós told the press after the meeting. of Sevilla against Valladolid. "I want to enjoy my profession, I do not have treatment, I have been caught on time, I can continue training, if they trust me, many more years, and I want to transmit this to avoid further comments", the Sevilla coach continued. I wanted to announce the theme and, at the same time, settle it: "Today I make this statement and I will not talk about it again." I look happy, very happy and I want to convey to people who love me, tranquility and that I am going to give a lot of war, "Caparrós has finished, while journalists have begun to applaud

The coach says that does not stop him from continuing to train and that his lifestyle will not change. It is not yet decided if the next season will continue on the bench of Sevilla. Monchi has returned to sports management and is looking for a coach. He says that Caparrós is one of the candidates.


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