January 27, 2021

Joaquín Camps, novel Azorín award

Joaquín Camps, novel Azorín award

Three years ago Joaquín Camps Torres achieved a successful debut in literature with "The Last Confidence of the Writer Hugo Mendoza", a thriller in which the literature professor Víctor Vega investigates the mysteries surrounding the death of the author who gives his name to the story . Now, he returns with force with "The silhouette of oblivion", with which he has won the XXVI Azorín Novel Prize. The award, organized by the Provincial Council of Alicante and the Planeta Group, is endowed with 45,000 euros.

Camps Torres (Gandía, 1973) is a professor of Economics at the University of Valencia and has admitted that he entered the world of literature "by chance", when he came up with the plot of his first book while waiting to board a plane at the airport of Bergamo (Itaia). Camps presented his novel to the Azorín Prize with the pseudonym of Víctor Palmer and the title "Remembering to forget". The ruling has been known at a gala in the Auditorium of the Diputación de Alicante (ADDA).

Camps Torres joins the list of winners of the Azorín de Novela that was premiered by Gonzalo Torrente Ballester in 1994, and which includes authors such as Luis Racionero (1996), Dulce Chacón (2000), Jon Juaristi (2007), Fernando González Delgado (2015), the Cuban Daína Chaviano (1998) and Zoe Valdés (2013), the Colombian Angela Becerra (2005), Espido Freire (2017) and the film and television actress from Barcelona Nuria Gago Roca, this one in the last edition .


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