March 6, 2021

Joao Gilberto dies, one of the bossa nova's parents

Brazilian composer Joao Gilberto, considered one of the bossa nova's parents, died Saturday at his home in Rio de Janeiro, one of his children confirmed on social networks.

Joao Gilberto, the inventor of the revolutionary chords that turned bossa nova into a unique and admired rhythm throughout the world, died at the age of 88 for causes that have not yet been revealed.

"My father died, his struggle was noble, he tried to maintain his dignity by losing his sovereignty," said his son Marcelo, who lives in the United States, through Facebok.

The last years of Joao Gilberto's life were marked by a tough family dispute after his daughter Bebel Gilberto, also a singer, requested that he be declared judicially disqualified when claiming that he was at an advanced age, which left him with no autonomy to the administration of your finances.

He accumulated debts and in 2018 he was forced to leave his apartment in the Leblon neighborhood, a well-off area in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

Coming from Juzaeiro, in the state of Bahia (northeast), the singer and guitarist made bossa nova popular in the world with his album "Chega de Saudade" (1959), which was followed by "O amor, o sorriso e flor "(1960) and" João Gilberto "(1961), among others.

With Brazil as a starting point, he continued with his creations throughout his life and in the seventies he recorded in the United States his album "Amoroso" with the label Warner Music.

His first productions were the subject of a legal dispute against the Universal Music label, but the composer won the battle.

A court in Rio de Janeiro issued a ruling favorable to the singer and determined that Universal would return the guitarist the royalties for the sale of records that he owed him since 1964, in addition to a payment for moral damages.

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