July 30, 2021

Joana Pastrana keeps sending by beating KO Siriporn Taweesuk

Joana Pastrana keeps sending by beating KO Siriporn Taweesuk

The scream allowed to free the beast that contained Joana Pastrana, to put an end to the tension of weeks of preparation. Concentrated on the objective, he only thought that the moment would come when his rival would surrender. I did not want to get to the tenth round. I wanted to free the judges from the decision to choose the minimum weight world champion. In case, it was adding up in each assault, although already from the first one it could see that it was very superior to its rival, the Thai Siriporn Taweesuk. Joana was the champion, who defended the title of the minimum weight of the IBF, but did not need defense. I preferred to attack the belt.

The champion is accustomed to surpassing her rivals by technique, she does not have a too high percentage of victories before the limit, but when she saw that her opponent was shaking her legs, the pace accelerated. Taweesuk was supported by her legend, the one of the champion who won her first world championship in prison, where he served a ten-year sentence for drug trafficking, but turned out to be a doll in the hands of Joana, who wanted to end up there the first time her rival fell in the ring of the José Caballero de Alcobendas Sports Center.

He had to wait for the seventh for the Thai to collapse definitively. The applicant wanted to continue, but in her corner they threw in the towel before she could get up. The obvious superiority of the Spanish made it unnecessary to prolong the suffering. From the first fall to the final one, the fight was only a wait until the definitive moment arrived. Taweesuk tried to prolong the agony by holding on to Pastrana, trying not to fight. He protected himself by flexing his knees too much until he cringed, but the referee caught his attention. Joana hit down and up, without his rival could do anything to prevent it. Accustomed to fighting with boxers smaller than her, to manage the distance comfortably because her arms go further, she had to train to get used to fighting with a rival of her size. The preparation work worked because in the short distance it was as superior as usual.

"The shoulder," they shouted at him from the stands. Taweesuk had complained about the right, that his assistants treated him between assault and assault. Sometimes hurrying after the cry "seconds off" to extend protection or rest. But Joana did not need to look at her opponent's weak points. Because they were all weak before the unbridled fierceness of the Spaniard, who saw closer and closer the possibility of unifying the title, her next dream. At the moment she is content to be the first Spanish woman to win two world champion titles.

When the fight was over, the first thing Pastrana did was ask the applicant how she was doing, how was her shoulder. But that was not the most worrying thing for her. The worst thing is that the World Cup, as before, was still for Joana.


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