January 26, 2021

Joana Pastrana, boxing world champion for the third time

Joana Pastrana, boxing world champion for the third time

Joana Pastrana is still world champion. The Spanish boxer has managed to create a wonderful routine that leads him to win the minimum weight belt of the IBF for the third time. This time he went to the points, in unanimous decision of the judges, who reflected in their ballots (99-91, 100-90 and 100-90) the superiority that Joana had shown throughout the fight.

The Spanish was not in a hurry. Opposite was the Mexican Ana Arrazola, a combative rival but physically limited. At 39 years of age, there was some decline in the mobility of the right leg, protected by a knee brace. Joana managed to set the pace of the fight from the beginning, asserting her status as champion. She took the center of the ring and marked the passage with her punches, more and more precise and powerful. The Mexican only felt comfortable on the rare occasions when she managed to corner the champion on the ropes. But Pastrana is more agile, in addition to being younger and taller, which gives him advantage in the melee. Skilled in the elusive, always managed to escape from the hands of Arrazola, who tried to dominate by force of a strange mill that was intended to be a continuous series of blows. But the only hands that came with continuity were those of the Spanish.

But Joana is better and played at home. In case he faltered at some point he had the support of the whole Moralzarzal sports center that repeatedly tried to put the music to the fight with the shouts of "Joana, Joana". But the champion does not need more music than that of "Sail", the song that accompanies her in her exit to the ring and that of the blows on the body of the rival.

The champion has become accustomed to being one. He dominates the ring and the fight and continues to increase his track record by being better than his rivals. In Moralzarzal he was superior in the ten rounds to Arrazola. It does not matter that he left his "house", the José Caballero de Alcobendas sports center where he had won the two previous World Cups for the town of the Sierra Madrileña. The belt already knows who owns it and Pastrana shows the necessary patience to wait for his moment. Joana is an example of the new generation of Spanish athletes. A symbol of the growth of women in sports, which was accompanied by others such as the Secretary of State for Sport, María José Rienda and the former captain of the water polo team, Jennifer Pareja. But above all Jes a champion. Without discussion. The queen of the minimum weight of the IBF. The dream of unifying the world championships in upcoming fights is still alive for her.


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