Joan Manuel Serrat delivers album to Lenín Moreno for the Hall Museum

Joan Manuel Serrat delivers album to Lenín Moreno for the Hall Museum

The Spanish singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat personally delivered to the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, an autographed record that will rest in the recently created Museo del Pasillo, located in the capital of the Andean country.

This was reported today on his Twitter profile by the Ecuadorian head of state, who is in Spain on a private vacation.

"I had a pleasant lunch with my friend Joan Manuel Serrat, I was thrilled to remember Julio Jaramillo, and when we sang a duet" Nuestro Juramento "," the governor wrote in the social network in reference to one of the most outstanding songs of the Ecuadorian artist .

He added that Serrat "signed an album for our beloved Hall Museum, an extraordinary human being, always a fighter of just causes!"

On December 3, Moreno inaugurated, in Quito, the Museo del Pasillo, a space that shows part of the bulky collection of this iconic rhythm of Ecuador, declared National Intangible Heritage of the country.

The Museum is located in a building in the colonial quarter of the Ecuadorian capital, where a "Hall School" will also operate, which, in addition to offering training, seeks to spread the practice of this rhythm between current and future generations.

Moreno traveled last December 21 to Spain for a private holiday until January 2.

The Presidency reported then that Moreno would move to Spain "on a commercial flight to fulfill family activities for the birth of his grandson."


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