Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

JJ Benítez's latest book is already in its second edition on its first day of sale

In 1984 a book entitled "Trojan Horse" appeared in the bookstores. A text of about 400 pages signed by J.J. Benitez which, against all odds became a sales phenomenon. The first edition virtually disappeared from the market within a few days and the next ones, too. For more than 200 weeks it remained in the number 1 of sales and its editions exceeded one hundred. The story of a NASA project that pushed back two astronauts until the year 28 conquered millions of readers. There, these two pilots would meet Jesus of Nazareth and his testimony would give an unpublished vision of his figure.

Its author publishes now "Elisha's diary" (Planet), which is already in its second edition on its first day of sale. "There are people who have come to buy it crying," said the writer. For him, Jesus, his Jesus, has an unquestionable divine component, but the most important thing in his message is "the hope" that it conveys. Something important in "this sick society." For him, Jesus was not someone who comes to judge, but a person who tries to convince us that there is life beyond death, that we are here to experiment “with matter” and that his purpose was never to found a religion. J. J. Benítez, who considers himself a journalist rather than a writer, has recognized that the experience of these volumes has changed him and that readers know this Jesus who "totally different from how they told us."

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