Jimnez's revenge - The Province

Jimnez's revenge - The Province

Ten days, 900 minutes and the clear question of style. A slate of vertigo. Dedicated to the undecided and heretics. Manolo Jiménez patents the balance with the inclusion of the experienced Javi Castellano (192 duels of yellow) in the midfield, backed by David Timor, and clings to the punch of the three gunpowder musketeers. It is the YOU of the muscle, of Rubén Castro (6 targets), Rafa Mir (3) and Araujo (1) -compute ten goals in the League-.

The Sevillian architect of the YOU dilapidated the resistance of Numancia with the best choral performance. The success of the whole. He did it from the intensity and physical control of the contest. He froze the opponent. He gave the ball to rival Soriano, in several phases of the pulse in the Siete Palmas parthenon (finished with 41.5% possession), and raised the number of shots to goal: nine. Record record of the season. The fury returns. Pride is recovered.

The explosion comes with the trident in the green, the famous 'RMA' -Rubén, Mir and Araujo-. Is Jimenez a defensive strategist? First dart to the laying. Prioritizes in the control of his area - seven goals conceded in 900'- and looks at the rival arch in an impulsive way, without recreating himself in the baroque touch of the 'age of Setién-which elevated UD to excellence-.

The figures of so many received mark the new trend. Jiménez defends better than Sergio Kresic (eight goals received in 1999-00) or Paco Herrera (eight goals received in 2014-15) at this point of the competition. It surpasses to the two last emperors of the band that sealed the ascent, in the category of the rigor and serenity. Ten matches, ten different ounces. But the last one points to a new creed.

Solidity in Gran Canaria

In the fifth place of the table, with 18 points, the yellows count five wins, three draws and two defeats in this first quarter of the competition. 32 dates are missing Fourteen goals and 43 shots on goal. Four units from the leader Málaga (22), the next start is in the fort of RCD Mallorca in San Moix (Saturday, October 27, 5:00 pm, televised by Movistar Partidazo).

And the architect of the Arahal has come up with the magic formula. It already has a running eleven: Raúl Fernández, Lemos, David García, Juan Cala, Of the Beautiful, Javi, Timor, Galarreta, Araujo, Rubén and Mir. The proposal that dismembered the Numancia is the new creed. Jiménez does not repeat eleven, but the time has come. This point of balance of the UD, which broke the crisis, is based on solidity in Gran Canaria. The yellow box is the second best host of the competition with 14 points. Four victories and two draws. Eleven goals in favor and only one against. Only Málaga (15 points in La Rosaleda) surpasses the tempting dynamics of the legionary era.

Beyond the tentacles of pessimism, if the UD maintains this competitive beat it would end up with 75.6 points on the 42nd day. The Lightning rose on June 2 with 76 units, and the SD Huesca He did it as a second (75). In pursuit of the automatisms of the legend of Kresic and Herrera, the costalero has his revenge. Rigor and order. Fierceness, discipline, tension and an untied trident. The islander box is the fourth highest performer and first as a local. The law of balance. From the shipwreck to the routine of the Legionary Ferrari. The applicant grows and patents a style.


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