June 19, 2021

Jimmy Morales points to those who seek the political division of not loving the country

Jimmy Morales points to those who seek the political division of not loving the country

The president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, said today during the commemoration of the twenty-second anniversary of the signing of the Peace, that there are those "unfortunately betting on a political or legal division" of the country.

He said that Guatemalans deserve "a country with peace and harmony," but he recriminated people who "have gone so far as to make calls through the media for social uprisings."

Among these "instigators" there are "foreigners who have done it and are aware that they are under the umbrella of the United Nations", which "is not valid and silence is also condemnable", in reference to the head of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), the Colombian lawyer Iván Velásquez.

In his speech, he mentioned that he seeks to consolidate "a happy Guatemala", referring to the beginning of the letter of the national anthem, in which "there is development and opportunities".

Morales read passages from the book-interview "Arzú and the time I was gone", from the Guatemalan writer Adolfo Méndez Vides to the former president Álvaro Arzú, who died last April, in which the exmandatario narrated the occasion, still a winning candidate of the first electoral return of the 1995 suffrages, when he agreed to seal peace with the guerrilla leadership at an informal meeting in El Salvador.

The president said he intends to align the peace agenda in his government program, which expires in January 2020, when he hands over the next president, after the June 2019 election.

He said he works to build a "culture of peace", for the "true modernization of the State" and thus "to create and build a society that lives in harmony and that shares the same vision of development, of prosperity for all, where its citizens assume with responsibility the construction of a free and sovereign nation ".

An electoral process that previously "we have done in an exemplary way without help or interference from anyone," he said and asked "as a citizen and president," that the 2019 elections "be democratic and free from any national tutelage or foreign interference."

The Firm and Lasting Peace Agreement signed by the guerrillas and the army in 1996 put an end to a 36-year armed conflict, which left 200,000 victims and 45,000 missing, crimes against humanity and genocide proven by a higher risk court. September 2018.

According to the report of the Commission for Historical Clarification, sponsored by the United Nations, 93 percent of the outrages were committed by the Army, 3 percent by the guerrillas and the rest without being able to determine the guilt.


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