March 8, 2021

JetSmart will incorporate three aircraft for its operations in Argentina

The low-cost airline JetSmart, controlled by the US investment fund Indigo Partners, announced on Tuesday an investment of 180 million dollars to incorporate three new aircraft for its operations in Argentina.

The company will add three Airbus A320, two this year and a third in the first half of 2020, which will allow it to double its current fleet of aircraft destined to cover routes in Argentina, where it has been operating since last year.

As reported by the airline in a statement, these additions will generate 300 direct and indirect jobs in the short term.

In addition to the incorporation of the airplanes, JetSmart announced that it adds five new routes that will connect Buenos Aires with Ushuaia (south); Córdoba (center) and Puerto Iguazú (northeast); Puerto Iguazú and Mendoza (west); Rosario (center) and Mendoza; and Rosario with Puerto Iguazú.

According to company data, since its inception of international operations in December 2018 and domestic operations last April, it has already transported 200,000 passengers in Argentina.

"Now we are going to double the offer by adding more national and international destinations, because we believe in the long-term potential of the Argentine market. We point out that we will soon be the third market operator," said the executive director of the airline, Estuardo Ortiz.

According to Gonzalo Pérez Corral, general manager of JetSmart, "it is clear" that the local market demands flights at low rates and that Argentines want to travel by plane, something that is evidenced by a market growth at a rate of 22% per year.

"The results obtained so far show that a new culture has begun to develop in the country at the time of travel, more simple and economically accessible to more people, with an incremental number of passengers that is confirmed month by month," said Pérez Corral about the activity in Argentina, where the low cost lines started operating in 2017.

JetSmart operates in Argentina and Chile, where together it has about three million passengers transported, and has as its goal by 2026 to reach a fleet of 100 aircraft and 100 million passengers.

The airline is controlled by Indigo Partners, an investment fund based in the United States and created by businessman William Franke.

Indigo Partners has invested in several airlines in various regions of the world, including Wizz Air (Europe), Volaris (Mexico) and Frontier Airlines (United States).

Recently, its affiliated airlines signed agreements with Airbus for the acquisition of 430 new aircraft.

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