April 21, 2021

Jesús Vidal: "My 10% vision is my treasure" | Culture

Jesús Vidal: "My 10% vision is my treasure" | Culture

Videomatón de Jesús Vidal

Impossible to go with him on the street or enter a bar to do the interview. Every meter, he approaches people to congratulate him for his speech and ask for a photo, and not precisely in this order. He smiles, says yes to everything and everyone, and so there is no one to work. So I propose to a private social club in the center and there that we go bracete, which asks me to walk more safely. He sees little, very little: 10% for his right eye. The left one was blinded by a retinal detachment at 20 years. Does not matter. The same thing happens in the club. Everyone, from the owner to the last partner, wants a selfi with the star. At the end, on the panoramic terrace over the rooftops of Madrid, it is he who asks the photographer to take an extra photo with his own cell phone. Then, he enlarges the picture to everything that the magnifying glass gives, sticks his nose to the glass and thus also enjoys the view at last.

How was it to go blind at 20? Did he get mad at the world?

It was dark, I was in the dark. It was a physical and emotional blackout from which I only left with my optimism and the affection of mine. More than pissed off he was disoriented. I had to learn to live without seeing. But when I got my first registration, in Romance, I started to come up and in the end I took a year course.

What is it like to see 10% for a single eye?

For me it is 100%. My light, my shadow, my treasure. I have a 50-inch TV and you've already seen me look at the phone. That's how I saw the movie, and that's how I read it.

Have not you seen them cranky?

Yes. My life has not been easy. The beginnings were very hard. I had to struggle a lot and knock on many doors and touch many fields until I saw what I wanted to do was this.

Since not in the eyes, do you notice paternalism in the voice of others?

Love of art

He studied Philology, but his is the theater. Jesús Vidal (Leon, 1975) is a man of "short distances" and slow conversations, which allows him his field of vision and his slow speech. We chatted here while the echoes of his exciting speech by Goya to the best revelation actor for 'Champions' are still echoing.

In my personal life, not so much. As I have not been bad academically, I have not noticed that deal. As a result of the movie, I have felt it more. When the 10 are together, people see us as a choral character, they put us in the same bag. I have even been told that they have seen me in a documentary where I did not go out, and they ask me which disability center I go to. So, I tell them that I have just given a one-hour presentation and they are silent.

Seeing only the trees, you miss seeing the forest?

Sure, but I remember the forest. And, besides, I see it my way. I smell it, I hear the crunching of the fallen leaves, I touch the trunks. Sensual stimuli reach me a lot. Right now, the music of Moon river which is sounding, for example. The lack of a sense sharpens the others. People with intellectual disabilities usually have a very large emotional intelligence.

What is visual beauty for an almost blind?

The chromatic harmony, light and shadows. Although it does not distinguish forms, right now, here, there is a precious gloom. I remember Leon's cathedral as a child, for example. Now I do not see the whole, but the lights, the chiaroscuro, and it's beautiful.

He did a master's degree in Journalism. How do you see the political landscape out there, buddy?

Well I could tell you that black, but I always tend to see light at the end of the tunnel, or the pit.

As an actor you see yourself doing, I do not know, as President of the Government?

Perfectly. I do not incorporate disability into my work. In fact, I had not done blind until now. I've been a schizophrenic, an unemployed, … President? It depends on which president, but of course it could.

Are there or have there been even shorter views than you?

Of view I do not know, but of view, yes, And that is worse than mine.

Now we pay much attention to him, are you prepared so that in a month we stop doing it?

Sure, but these things serve to get visibility, both the message of the movie and for people to know me as an actor. I guess you will report opportunities to me. That's what it's about, is not it?

Take advantage and ask for a clue.

I do not know, but what I want and ask is a place on the road. My own narrow way.

Narrow why?

I say narrow because what I want is to work and grow according to what they offer me. The width of the road will tell time. What I do know is that Champions It has been my train and I hope it will be up for many years.

He's the only actor among the disabled in the movie, but people think he's made of yourself. He has cast it on us.

They have eaten it with potatoes. Notice that I think the success of the Goya speech was due to the surprise effect. People thought I have intellectual disability. They saw someone who walks and talks slowly, who goes slowly, who seems to be more clumsy than he is because he is careful, and said: this guy is going to say thank you, period. Then they listened and were impressed by how well he speaks, how well he expresses himself, the lexical registers. Mine did not get surprised at all. They know me

That is, the only fools are us.

Well, I do not know. What I am is an actor and a philologist.


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