Jesús Vázquez and Noemí Galera talk about Risto in the special '20 years of 'OT' ': "I would like to talk to him"

Jesús Vázquez and Noemí Galera.

The 20th anniversary of 'Triumph operation' It is being an event that is serving to remember all the editions of the format, including those that were issued in Telecinco. Jesus Vazquez, the one who was the presenter of the program on the Mediaset chain, He spoke this morning with Noemí Galera about some of the highlights of that stage of the program, including disputes with Risto Mejide.

Both faced the judge on multiple occasions, which at the time was much more unforgiving with contestants than it is today. A great tension was generated between them that led to some discussions that the spectators themselves could witness live, a war that was forgotten by Mejide and Vázquez years later.

Even the presenter has even joked about it: "We had a lot of fun, even with Risto". A few words corroborated by the current director of the academy: "Yes, yes, seriously. Until what happened happened, I was laughing a lot with him".

However, Jesus wanted to make it clear that all these controversies are already part of the past: "He is the person with whom I have spent the worst moments on television, but life brings you back together and Today we have a very cordial relationship. It was he who had the generosity to apologize to me, first personally and then on a show. I am not spiteful and I also asked for forgiveness. "

However, the situation for Galley, who at that time was a judge, is quite different: "I have not seen him again, But when I saw that you had reconciled, I thought it was great. Time passes, people change, and it is not healthy to hold a grudge. I too would like to sit down and talk to him one day because I considered him my friend. " In addition, he wanted to emphasize that she has not received an apology from the publicist: "He has not apologized to me, so I'm waiting. But it's the same, nothing happens", He said before thanking Mejide for sending a video to congratulate the anniversary of the program.


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