July 25, 2021

Jesús Calleja: "The Martians are in Japan" | TV

Jesús Calleja: "The Martians are in Japan" | TV

Street dress, the adventurer of the TV looks like a modern one over Chamberí, the Madrid neighborhood where he has his production company. I tell him and he sponges. She is flirtatious, she admits, with her latest screaming cowboys, her tailored shirt made of her "tipin" and buckle belt so dissuasive that it would neutralize any predator in any jungle. He was a hairdresser before he was a friar, he tells me, and he is at the end of the trends. Where they see him, so young and so all, he is the grandfather of a two-year-old boy of his son Ganesh, a boy from the street of Nepal whom he saved after saving his skin and who today is the one who brings him his man's diary without borders based in Fresno de la Vega, León, his village of all life.

I come from a jam on the Gran Vía. Is that your idea of ​​hell?

Neither. I relativize things a lot. Cities are important because professional opportunities are generated there, but you have to visualize where you are happy. Nature is the pillar of my life. I come to the city to work, but I always have my head in the open air. I am an uncle in the countryside and in the village.

A small-town with a world?

The legs do not exist. I make a program of towns and the ladies give me some zascas that leave me dry. The townspeople are wise, but we do not know how to listen.

What gives vertigo in life to a guy who climbs 'ochomiles'?

Physical, nothing. I'm not reckless, I'm a good risk manager. Fear is good because it makes you put barriers that you should not pass. But I do have mental dizziness. To the death. I'm having such a good time that it kills me to have to die. It's the funniest time of my life I'm like never before.

Well, some men go into an auger after 50.

Thrown into the forest

Jesús Calleja (Fresno de la Vega, León, 1965) is a confessed restless ass. He went to a hairdresser, but he threw the mountain and made his passion, his trade. The communicator who has put to hill hills to politicians and celebrities returns with 'Planeta Calleja', the space with which he has just won the Ondas. "I'm like never," he admits.

Zero. I do not have any na-da problems. Put me to compete with a 20-year-old uncle and you'll see where I leave him. You have to find the stimulus. Age is in the coconut. If I tell my brain that I have to run more, I run more. If before I had to train one hour and now six, I train them. I keep climbing the same mountains, I ride a bike and I run more than when I was 20 years old and here you have me.

Enchanted, Supercalleja.

It is a question of attitude. And of job. Never, ever, I skipped a day without running. My reference is the 28 years, when I was in physical fullness. My challenge is to maintain myself.

He takes oil from his interviewees. Give me some trick.

What you see is what happens. I'm not an actor, I do not have a script, when I'm going with someone to the Himalayas, since we got on the plane it's a friend, it forgets that it's in a program and lives a real experience. I'm interested in people. The same a VIP as a village lady, and it shows. I have also been learning. I used to talk a lot, you see, but I've learned to listen, which is the most difficult part of the interview. There are no secrets: listen and go pulling the thread.

Raja a lot, yes, does not it mute or before the beauty of the world?

Many times. And not only outside, also in my land, in Leon, in a forest in autumn. There is nothing more perfect than nature. In addition, we enter through the back door. We see what nobody sees because seeing it costs a sacrifice, an effort, a technique, an experience. That is what makes us see great landscapes.

Is the globe globalized?

Altogether. The last time I was on Everest, I flipped. It took three months to upload for the first time in 1953. Today, 70 years later, you have wifi and you can watch the news at 8,000 meters high.

Does it still seem like magic?

I think it's a scandal. I'm not an old man who thinks that before is better. No, what is now is better. If I break an ankle, they call a helicopter and it comes. What you have to do is not overflow and do not get upset.

He gives talks to executives burned by stress. What advises them?

That they have to be happy in life, also working. And sometimes we have to pause because life is a tsunami that always runs faster than you, and no matter how hard you run, it's going to catch you.

The happiness. What is that?

Live without Damocles swords. There are two serious problems: death and the absence of life expectancy. The rest are manageable. We have such a frenetic pace that we believe we live in a ball of problems. Speed ​​overwhelms us and does not let us be people. We are out of control.

My great daily adventure is to choose between the M-30 or the M-40 to see if I go faster. That tells me?

That you have to go out into the country more, woman, see more nature and guide yourself more for it, smell its aromas, that relax you. But for that you have to stop looking at the phone every five minutes.

Now he will tell me that he does not have a cell phone, or that he has and does not touch it.

I have, but I impose disciplines: today, until five, I will not touch the Google button; Today, I do not play Instagram until 9. If not, I get tangled up and I lose my life.

Is it the mobile that loses us?

We can not see the world through a screen. It happened to me in Japan. If extraterrests exist, they are in Japan. Tokyo is colonized by aliens because they are the most Martian I have ever seen in my life. They have all the technology and all the consumption, the work premiums above all, the leisure of nature does not exist and nobody takes 15 days of vacation because it is frowned upon. That is an error.

If it gets lost we do not look for it in Japan, go.

Not crazy, the best life is lived in Spain, do not make mistakes, and I've seen the world. Sometimes you have to go out to see what you have inside. We create problems. In this country one lives scandalously well. You go to a bar alone and you go out with the phone of someone you've talked to without knowing anything. That does not exist anywhere in the world.

Is a bar a planet?

Absolutely. Sometimes I am in an extraordinary place and I am thinking about taking some canes in El Húmedo. We need bars, friends, laughter, smell, touch, humor, …

Is humor the global language?

And love.

But if he told his colleague Risto Mejide that he has never fallen in love …

Do not believe everything you see. There are spaces of life that are best kept. Humor and love, write it down. I know what I am talking about.


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