October 28, 2020

Jesús Calleja, on Fernando Simón: “He was the character of the year to have”

Fernando Simón in 'Planeta Calleja'.

Fernando Simón in ‘Planeta Calleja’.

Jesus Calleja today presented the new season of ‘Planet Calleja‘, which starts this Friday with the special dedicated to Fernando Simon, of which the presenter has highlighted his sincerity: “He told me ‘I’m here because I couldn’t take it anymore, I have to stop and reset because otherwise I’m not productive.’

The new season of ‘Planeta Calleja’ starts this Friday in Telecinco (in prime time) with the special starring Fernando Simón -director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies-, a program that was presented today virtually with the presence of Jesús Calleja and Manuel Villanueva, general director of Contents of Mediaset Spain.

“Jesús Calleja called us to tell us that he had a closed ‘Planet Calleja’ with Fernando Simón and I, honestly, I thought it was not possible. But reality sometimes surpasses thoughts and finally Simón took advantage of a few days of vacation and went with Jesus to Mallorca “, Villanueva has acknowledged.

The person in charge of Content of Mediaset Spain has highlighted that it was decided to transfer the program from Cuatro to Telecinco through the relevance of the character and will be the prelude to the sixth season of ‘Volando Voy’, which will premiere on Cuatro on October 8, with the aim of encouraging the repopulation of emptied areas.

For his part, Jesús Calleja explained the reason for having Simón and how the call was forged for the epidemiologist to participate in the program: “Fernando Simon he was the character of the year, which you had to have. In the team we were programming the season and I asked for a volunteer to call him “.

“I called him and said ‘We would like to have you on the program and see you in another more relaxed environment’ and he said yes directly. He did not expect it and I think there was no one who influenced him. He has been the guest who has decided the fastest to participate in the program“, said the presenter, who added that they have spent” four intense days of filming in Mallorca “.

In relation to Simon, Lane He highlighted his sincerity: “You meet a normal person. I was surprised by the way he disinhibited from the social pressure he has. He focuses on his work and does not get carried away by what he may hear. He has had no problem answering all my questions, including those about how the pandemic and what will become of our country “.

Likewise, he has advanced the confession that the protagonist himself made during the program: “He told me ‘I’m here because I couldn’t take it anymore, I have to brake and reset because if not I am not productive and could make decisions that are not correct. The level of pressure we have in the team is so strong that we have, as an imperative, to have a bye week. ‘

“He is a sports madman,” Calleja continued, referring to all the “adventures” he has put Simón through, which include climbing in the Sierra de Tramontana, caving in impressive underwater caves, a ride in a hot air balloon, diving into its waters to see the biodiversity of the posidonia forests up close and an electric bike route around the island.

Likewise, the presenter stressed that the “formula” of the program is “neutrality” hence “Simón will be treated the same as the rest of the guests:” En ‘Planet Calleja‘We want to know the work of the person invited and how it is on a personal level, and with Simón we have done the same. The formula of the program is that, neutrality“.


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