July 28, 2021

Jesús Calleja comes out in defense of his brother for the controversial video recorded in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

Jesús Calleja comes out in defense of his brother for the controversial video recorded in the Canary Islands - La Provincia

Heated debate on social networks. Last week, Kike Calleja, reporter of the Cuatro 'programI'm flying'and brother of the well-known mountaineer, Jesús Calleja, was seen on the beach of Las Gaviotas, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, throwing garbage into the sand to record a report on marine pollution.

A citizen was surprised when he was preparing to take different waste from a bag to deposit in the natural environment to do a simulation on pollution on the beaches. She, using her mobile phone to prove what was happening, did not hesitate to recriminate the younger brother of the Calleja that the action that was doing leaves in a very bad place the users of this beach of the Tenerife municipality.

This has generated discomfort in social networks, although there are also those who come out in defense of the presenter. It is the case of the popular adventurer Jesús Calleja.

"They are filming a program about how the plastic affects the seas and they are making a simulation scene, clearer and more transparent can not be the video, when you see a movie you think they kill the actor?" He tweeted in a message that generated debate between the defenders and detractors. Some claim that the message is correct and criticize that the woman secretly recorded the video without the consent of the minor of the Calleja, while others say that she could have made the report on another beach on the island that is in such conditions. need to perform the simulation.

The response of Kike Calleja

He brother of Jesús Calleja He criticizes the bather's criticism as "silly, childish".

"If you do not ask me, you will not know what our program is about." This has been blunt Kike Calleja about the video that can be seen depositing garbage on the beach of Las Gaviotas.

The brother of the well-known mountaineer has wanted to respond to the swimmer publicly. For it, entered live on Radio Club Tenerife and explained that the program simply wanted to "record some resource plans with the elaboration of a still life to show which objects usually arrive at our beaches", and that "the recording could have been made elsewhere, but they chose that, on the recommendation of some biologist friends. " He also explained that the criticism of the bather seems "silly, a childish."

The leonine explained that they are on the island of Tenerife for among other things – in addition to filming the next program called 'Wild River' – make a release of turtles, so he says that both he and his team are aware of taking care of the environment.


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