Jesús Alonso highlights the international relevance of Ortega’s work

“He was one of the first professors to leave these classrooms and is a living part of the University,” recalled the director. “He was the first doctor to leave the University of Las Palmas, and he has held different positions, also coordinating one of the most important branches of the State Research Agency, being director of the School of Engineers and being a promoter of all its evolution” .

But Alonso put the accent on highlighting how currently “Juan Ortega develops different lines of research with great importance among the world scientific community” and that is why “for us it is a pride to have him and an example to follow.” And for this reason, “it has been decided to put the name of Juan Ortega to the laboratory building of the Technological Science Park in which he has developed his research in recent years together with his work team.”

Subsequently, Luis Fernández and Adriel SosaJuan Ortega’s groupmates, thanked the professor for the aid received during so many years of work and valued his prestige and his entire and continuous dedication to the progress of the University.


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