June 21, 2021

Jesuits in the USA publish list with implied in supposed abuses to minors

Jesuits in the USA publish list with implied in supposed abuses to minors

The Jesuits of the state of Maryland (USA) today published several lists of involved in alleged abuses of minors, some of them active and others who have died.

"Today, the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus is publishing the names of the Jesuits of our province, and other Jesuits who have served the province, who have been credibly accused of asexual abuse of minors since 1950," said the institution. in a statement on its website.

The organ has posted lists on its website, where the names of nineteen religious who allegedly committed the abuses, some of them deceased, and five suspects of having perpetrated such acts appear.

In the list appears the priest of the Jesuit Congregation of Chile Jaime Guzmán, who worked in Pennsylvania and North Carolina between 2004 and 2018.

The last case of abuse registered by the institution goes back to 2002, while the rest is decades ago.

The Jesuits of Maryland explained that they have decided to release this information now because "the recent revelations about child sexual abuse by priests are leading the People of God to rightly desire greater accountability on the part of the leadership of the Church."

Accordingly, "we are publishing this information to provide that kind of transparency, we see this publication as part of our commitment now to avoid abuses and we hope that it will contribute to the process to restore the truth," they said.

The institution assured that as soon as it receives notification of some alleged abuse, it communicates it to the security authorities and, at the same time, it opens internal inquiries.

On the other hand, the person involved is separated from his or her functions pending the completion of the investigation, while "pastoral and therapeutic services to the victims" are offered.

If the allegations are proven to be true, the accused Jesuit is separated from the "public ministry and lives within a Security Plan in a strictly guarded environment not associated with any Jesuit institution," the organization said.

The Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus stressed that it has a "zero tolerance policy" and stressed that it has been adopting protocols since 2003 to avoid this type of case.


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