Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Jessica Vall: “I am looking for a pool at Amazon”

He says Jessica Vall (23), essential swimmer in our country:

–I’ve been diving on Amazon for days. Do you know what I’m looking for?

– …?

An inflatable pool.


An inflatable pool for these times of confinement.

The swimmer needs the water. Jessica Vall, bronze in 200 m breaststroke at the 2015 World Cups, three other medals in Europeans, has been confined in Vallirana with her husband, Alberto.

The house has a terrace of five meters long. And there, she insists, there is a three-meter inflatable pool.

–And what depth do you need?

Half a meter is enough. Enough to put your arms. With the moorings, it could simulate that I am swimming. After all, it’s about touching water, right? -He says.

There are eleven days of confinement and the accounts do not come out. Eleven days without touching the water.

Jessica Vall answers the phone.

How, if not?

It’s midmorning, midmorning yesterday. Jessica Vall just closed her morning session with the training group. On multiscreen were her, 17 other swimmers and Jordi Jou and Yerai Lebon, coach and physical trainer, both at the controls.

Jessica Vall, with her training group, in these days of confinement

Jessica Vall, with her training group, in these days of confinement

–Our group of Sant Andreu Swimming Club It is 25 swimmers, but some could not connect: they were in the online classes of the university.

–And what kind of sessions do they do?

–Flexions, resistance strength… the important thing is that we all train together and team up. They are long sessions, two hours. And in the evenings I’m still at it. Sometimes I am another two hours, or more. I work the cardio with the roller. I often go into sessions fitness from the club and I do pilates, zumba or yoga.

Jessica Vall practices yoga during these days of confinement

Jessica Vall practices yoga during these days of confinement

–And do you notice any improvement?

–Of legs I am stronger. I check it on the roller: As the days go by I move more watts. I am trying to reinforce the weak points: knees, hips, shoulders … If I maintain that tone, the return will not be so traumatic.

“But it lacks water, right?”

–Man, until now I was swimming between 60 and 70 kilometers a week. That is lost. It had been many years since I had been away from a pool for so long. On vacation they are usually ten days off. A month without touching the water, how are we supposed to be? I do not know. I have to think. But it should go back at least four or five years. It hasn’t happened to me for a long time!

“I’m lucky: the Olympic years are special, exciting, and I’m going to chain two like this”

–And how’s it going?

Jessica Vall says she gets along well.

Better now than a few days ago: the postponement of Tokyo 2020, which goes to 2021, has given oxygen to all athletes.

“But I’ve been through all the phases,” he says. At first I had a very bad time, with all that uncertainty. We did not know whether or not there would be Games this summer. I was wondering: ‘How are we going to classify ourselves? How are we going to prepare …? ’. They were questions whose answers he did not know. With the postponement, the scenario has changed. Everything begins to make sense. We know there is a deadline and we can apply a plan. Now it is in the hands of my coach, and not of the changing uncertainty. Above all, I want to think positive.

Jessica Vall, working muscle tone in Vallirana, during confinement

Jessica Vall, working muscle tone in Vallirana, during confinement

“And how does he do it?”

–I have my life plans. I am Licensed in biology, specialized in the pharmaceutical industry. But for a couple of years I have focused only on swimming. I did it to face this Olympic year. Years like this are very special. You face them as something beautiful and exciting and you want to end them doing something great in the Games. And look, I’m lucky: next year will be the same. I am going to have the chance to put together two particularly exciting years.


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