March 5, 2021

Jesé Rodríguez, suddenly fired from Paris Saint-Germain

Aurah and Jesé, together in Paris

Aurah and Jesé, together in Paris

On Thursday night we experienced a call that left us completely surprised to see that Jesé Rodriguez, who had always stayed away from television, called live to The strong house to give encouragement to the one who has become the love of his life, Aurah ruiz. The soccer player lately is in all the media for his love affairs and it seems that this call to Telecinco It has cost him dearly.

This Friday, in Deportes Cuatro, it has been confirmed that Jesé ends his contract next June with PSG, but be careful! the football club no longer wants to know anything about him and for this reason it would be finalizing the details for his dismissal.

The footballer has hit rock bottom and is now cannon fodder for the heart press. Since yesterday I went live in The strong house, It seems that Aurah’s boyfriend is clear that the only thing that worries him is to recover the love of his partner. Everything else does not matter.

There have been many love affairs that you have been involved in in recent weeks And it is that if it was already a bombshell to find out that he had returned with Aurah Ruiz, his alleged infidelity with a third woman was the trigger for the footballer’s name to be the protagonist in the social chronicle. Now, it seems that Jesé lives his worst moments with this decision that looks very bad.


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