Jes accuses Aurah of using his Internet followers as a network of spas against him – The Province

Jes accuses Aurah of using his Internet followers as a network of spas against him - The Province

The titular magistrate of the Court of Instruction number seven of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria keeps the investigation open against the contestant of Big Brother Aurah Ruiz Ferrer, after take a statement on this Friday morning as investigated for one hour.

The appearance is a consequence of the admission to process of a complaint for slander, insults and coercion presented by the footballer Jesé Rodríguez Ruiz, father of a minor child of the young woman.

The defendant appeared this morning by exhort in the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of Colmenar Viejo (Madrid), where he gave a statement by videoconference before the magistrate of the Gran Canaria capital Francisco Javier García García-Sotoca, that last September 28 admitted to process the soccer player's complaint against his ex-partner.

Ruiz Ferrer went to the summons accompanied by a lawyer, and gave a statement for an hour. The defendant refused to answer some of the questions of the lawyer who exercises the private accusation in the lawsuit on behalf of the soccer player, but he answered most of the questions that the parties raised and the investigating magistrate.

In its day, the Public Prosecutor's Office informed in favor of the admission of Jesé's complaint, albeit only partially: the athlete imputes to the young woman crimes of slander, insult and coercion, and the prosecutor understands that the facts are only constitutive of crimes of slander and coercion.

Social networks

The legal representation of the complainant maintains that her ex-wife has used her thousands of followers in social networks to follow in his footsteps, take photos or reveal his movements, that later transmitted in all detail from their different profiles.

The judicial authority has confirmed that the investigation is kept alive after the statement has been taken to the researcher.

In the last gala of Big Brother, the young woman shared her story with the public: your child has a rare chronic disease and that is the reason for entering the contest. After a month without knowing anything about him, Aurah breaks into talking about his little one, thrilling the whole set of the program. "Be in GH VIP It's a psychological break for me. If you lived only a few hours with my son's illness … it is unbearable. "The contestant is very clear that everything she gets from her participation in the reality show will help her improve her son's quality of life.

Regarding your participation in the reality Aurah Ruiz said that she "missed" her little one, even though she also recognized that being in the program is a relief for her: "Being here is a psychological break because I was away a day away , I feel that I have to be by his side. I deserve to rest", expressed on Wednesday night, as reported by Telecinco.


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