Jennifer Lopez turns El Berriel into Guantanamo

JLo turns El Berriel into Guantanamo. With darkness gradually receding from the El Berriel ravine, in the Gran Canaria municipality of San Bartolome de Tirajanaand with the first light of dawn blurring the shadows, began this Monday the first day of filming of the film The Motherstarring the iconic Jennifer Lopez (JLo). The ravine, more specifically the El Berriel Aerodrome, located in the area became during this first day in a hangar of the United States military base in Guantánamo, Cuba. There the recording of the tape that Netflix will release and whose filming had to be resumed. postponed due to an outbreak of Covid-19 among the members of the team on January 9.

The background noise of the cars driving on the track and the sometimes intense gusts of wind were the soundtrack of a marathon day It had started at dawn, around 04:30 hours, when the teams headed to El Berriel.

At 07.00 hours everything was ready to give the starting gun to the first of twenty days of filming on the island. The sun, although present, did not heat up because of the intense wind. Some gusts that broke the prevailing silence, while the team bustled from one place to another.

The campground next to the airfield was completely taken over by the extensive film crew, in which they stood out a dozen high-end trailers, several caravans, another dozen black vans of the Mercedes and Range Rover brand with tinted windows and another batch of rental cars. all under one halo of discretion and secrecy, typical of Hollywood filming.


Exclusive images of Jennifer López and Joseph Fiennes in Gran Canaria
Sergio Garrido


A landing in the area that would go unnoticed were it not for two lighting turrets, which had helped the teams set up everything they needed andBetween the nightly gloom of the ravine, and the four security checkpoints deployed in the area. The first checkpoint was located at the access to the campsite of the Aeroclub, to block the path of the curious, if there were any. The second control was at the access to the aeroclub from the car park and the third, this even more discreet if possible, next to the main hangar of the enclosure. The last control, made up of a security agent, was at the aerodrome exit towards the GC-500 road at the junction towards the GC-1.

The coming and going of high-end black vans from the car park of the flying club to the campsite it continued throughout the morning. Always avoiding revealing who or who were traveling inside. Going down a dirt track towards the interior of the campsite. As soon as one of the vans arrived at the area where the trailers and trucks were crowded, a swarm of workers emerged from inside the vans, who were busy going from one place to another. Making it clear that filming had already started, yes, without seeing JLO anywhere.


Jennifer López was already in the Canary Islands, in Gran Canaria and Tenerife


Wardrobe staff, props and other professionals waited quietly while the morning passed little by little. Next to the hangar inside the aeroclub grounds, the movement of people was more cautious closing the door of the ship every time someone accessed its interior.

In the parking lot of the flying club there were up to four high-end black vans with the driver at the wheel ready to go at any moment towards the campsite where the temporary base camp was.

Oblivious to the discreet hustle and bustle of vehicles, a group of tourists was prepared to make a route in ATV through the El Berriel ravine, leaving a few meters from the Tarajalillo beach. They had absolutely no idea that a movie shoot was underway, much less that Jennifer Lopez was in the area. Her perplexity was immense.

The shooting of The Mother will continue this Tuesday in several streets of the capital of Gran Canaria, with the recording of more urban scenes that will undoubtedly attract more onlookers than this first day of filming in the south of Gran Canaria. Tape, Directed by New Zealander Niki Castrowill continue recording in different locations on the island until next March 19.

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