Jennifer López, a star at the Gran Canaria Airport

Despite the efforts of the Netflix production team to carry out the filming of 'The Mother' with the maximum possible discretion, the passage of Jennifer López, its great protagonist, through the Gran Canaria airport last Saturday night, to return to the United States, it did not go unnoticed.

At 10 p.m. on Saturday he starred in a discreet entrance to the departures terminal of the Gran Canaria Airport the American star Jennifer López, who left the Island after a massive outbreak of Covid 19 between the team of the blockbuster The Mother, who shoots in Gran Canaria as the protagonist, forced her to return to the United States until in five weeks part of the recording of the film is resumed with the return of the actress, singer and producer to the Canary Islands.

JLo arrived at the Gran Canaria airport enclosure accompanied by part of her personal team, with whom he crossed the terminal facilities to take a private flight to Los Angeles after spending only four days on the island. His presence did not go unnoticed by the passengers who were at the airport facilities at that time, alerted some of them due to the appearance in the parking area of ​​several high-end vehicles with tinted windows.

The interpreter of mythical songs such as On the floor, Don't love me, Jenny from the block, Get Right or Love don't cost a thing, among others, tried to go unnoticed by hiding her face behind a mask and her usual maxi sunglasses . But Jennifer is a lot of Jennifer And with her 190 million followers only on her Instagram account, her more than 400 nominations for the most important music awards and the 100 million views that her videos accumulate on platforms such as YouTube or VEVO, she had a hard time not being recognized.

In a hurry, she moved with her entourage through the airport without anyone interrupting her when she was about to pass the security controls to get to the runway, where a private jet awaited her with which she would return to her residence in Los Angeles (USA). UU).

His arrival on the island last Tuesday, where he was traveling to start filming the feature film The Mother, was also as discreet as possible. The actress, singer and producer landed in Gran Canaria at 7.15 pm after more than ten hours of travel and was picked up at the foot of the track by a vehicle that later transferred her to a hotel establishment in the south of Gran Canaria.

During the four days that she remained working in the Canary Islands, it was impossible to locate her. Rumors about his presence in the myriad locations where the feature film was shot seemed to be destined to confuse the regional, national and international media that were trying to photograph the star, one of the most desired figures in the world press.

It has only been possible to capture her, in fact, in her hasty departure from the Island, images published today exclusively by LA PROVINCIA / DLP.

López has sold more than 50 million records in the world, 20.8 of them in the United States alone, and accumulates a total of 3.5 billion dollars at the world box office with all his films.

Born in The Bronx, New York, on July 24, 1969, Jennifer López began as a dancer in 1993, although her desire was always to be an actress, which she achieved four years later with the role of Selena Quintanilla in the feature film Selena, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination, as well as becoming the first Latina actress to earn a million dollars for a movie.

Also a reference in fashion, its presence on the red carpets of the most important events on the planet have made it a global claim.

Mother of two children born from her relationship with the American singer Marc Anthony, the star and powerful businesswoman has managed to keep her children away from an uncontrolled media focus [pese a que los muestra habitualmente en sus redes sociales] This does not mean that the artist has lowered her presence in the media, where she stars in covers and reports, many related to her private life. Currently, in fact, she is in a relationship with actor Ben Affleck. A standard bearer of the #MeToo movement, her face is the example of female empowerment in the macho film and music industry.

Presence in Gran Canaria

The rumors about the presence of Jennifer López in Gran Canaria to participate in the filming of the blockbuster The Mother aroused the interest not only of the media but also from the island's residents who were somewhat incredulous expected to meet the American star.

The experience lived by Gran Canaria society during the filming of Aliados, in 2016, starring a Brad Pitt who was very close to the thousands of people who attended the sessions of that filming in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has left some sorrow among The fans of the Latin diva, who have not been able to see her live during the four days that the artist has remained in Gran Canaria, although the truth is that the problems derived from the contagion of Covid 19 on the part of the team they will not have allowed her to feel relaxed enough to satisfy her fans. We will have to wait until the second half of February to see if 'la Jenni' feels as comfortable on the island as with the look with which she left Gran Canaria this Saturday.

The 'outfit' to travel

Dressed in white tones, with sunglasses, a mask, plush slippers with socks, a long knitted jacket and a fur vest, the actress, singer and producer Jennifer López arrived last Saturday at the Gran Canaria Airport to start her trip to Los Angeles (USA), after having to leave the Island due to a massive outbreak of Covid 19 among the members of the team of the feature film The Mother, which the world star was filming on the Island. With a maxi Christian Dior bag, wide trousers and her hair down, JLo wore a very comfortable outfit, ideal to withstand the ten-hour flight from the Archipelago to the United States. Being as it is a benchmark of trends in the world of fashion, nothing seems casual in the style with which the Latin diva left Gran Canaria, where she is scheduled to return in five weeks to continue with the recording of the Netflix movie , of which she is a co-producer and protagonist. The presence of photographer Sergio Garrido at the terminal did not go unnoticed by the star, who detected him looking over his glasses.


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