Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Jenni and Albert take dirty clothes out of their relationship

Jenni y Albert sacan los trapos sucios de su relación en ‘MYHYV’

If to the throne of Jenny in Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV) He lacked emotion that this Wednesday will be the icing he needs to complete his particular cake. And it is that, with whom I left the dating show a few months ago as a couple, Albert Álvarez, come back to tell the whole truth of his breakup. What will he have to say?

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The things since this couple left have changed a lot. At the moment Jenni is tronista of the program of the love presented / displayed by Toñi Moreno and each time is more advanced with its boys. Without going further, Saúl, an old friend of Albert, will have to face this visit as well as I can

The two have many things to say

The pole vaulter no longer considers him a friend and even less after he has decided to go to the dating show to pretend to his ex. To this we must add everything related to the break between both, whose dirty laundry will come to light between appointment and appointment. What bad can happen?

The truth is that many things. In this new chapter things get very tense for Jenni, who, by the way, She has been accused on several occasions of not having forgotten her ex. If true, the situation could become tense to an untenable extent. What will the tronista have to say about Albert's visit? Is this in MYHYV to give additional news?

Albert and Jenni celebrate their final in MYHYV.

Albert and Jenni celebrate their final in MYHYV.

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