Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

Jeff Bezos buys the most expensive Los Angeles mansion in history

Amazon founder and president Jeff Bezos broke records by buying a residence in Beverly Hills (USA) for 165 million dollars, the most expensive in history throughout Los Angeles County, where numerous celebrities reside.

The house, also the most expensive in the entire state of California, is a villa designed in 1930 as the residence of the first president of Warner Bros. studios, Jack Warner, and among other luxuries it has its own nine-hole golf course, They reported today financial and entertainment media such as The Hollywood Reporter.

It is a colonial-style mansion that also incorporates a tennis court, pool and gardens in its 13,000 square meters.

According to The Wall Street Journal, no real estate agents or intermediaries have intervened in the transaction.

Bezos and his partner, Lauren Sanchez, would have agreed to sell directly with media mogul David Geffen, the former owner of the residence, about which there were rumors that he would soon be on the market.

When Geffen bought the villa in 1990, the price was $ 47.5 million and set records at the time.

The residence has appeared in extensive reports of well-known architectural magazines such as Architectural Digest for being an example of colonial-inspired mansion design that emerged in the golden age of Hollywood and flooded the hills of Bel Air, Beverly Hills and other areas of the county of The Angels.

Precisely, the former most expensive residence in Los Angeles was located in Bel Air, known as the Chartwell villa and acquired by Lachlan Murdoch, president of Fox, in exchange for about 150 million dollars.

Although the Beverly Hills mansion is not the only millionaire property that Bezos has acquired in recent days, because according to The Wall Street Journal his personal company – Bezos Expeditions – paid $ 90 million for some land that was owned by the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen


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