Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

JEC partially estimates Citizens' resource for messages from Torra on Twitter

The Central Electoral Board (JEC) has decided this afternoon to "partially estimate" Citizens' appeal against the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, for the dissemination of messages through the institutional profile of the Generalitat to be "contrary to the principle of neutrality of the public authorities. "

The President of the Generalitat has included in the institutional profile of Twitter a message in which he pointed out that "the exile and political prisoners demonstrate the inability to resolve the conflict with Catalonia in a democratic manner".

According to the JEC, this "implies a partisan use contrary to the principle of political neutrality in electoral processes."

Thus, the electoral body states that "declare that the messages that include references to" exile "and" political prisoners "violate Article 50.2 of the LOREG and the principle of political neutrality that during the electoral period" must scrupulously respect all public office. "

For this reason, the President of the Generalitat is ordered to immediately withdraw the aforementioned message in the institutional profile of Twitter.

The JEC requires the President of the Generalitat to "refrain in the future from performing similar acts that involve a partisan use of the presiding public institution."

The electoral regulatory body also rules that "it is not appropriate to initiate disciplinary proceedings, taking into account the circumstances in the present case, and in particular the entity of the messages disseminated."

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