August 10, 2020

Jean-Michel Jarre presents a tribute to the arrival to the Moon | Science

This year, the Davos meeting featured a very peculiar panel discussion that united astronomy and music. The guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May, the pop star Jean-Michel Jarre, the discoverer of the first non-solar planets, Michel Mayor and the astronaut Claude Nicollier shared a round table in which they shared their love for art and space . Together with them, their host, the astrophysicist Garik Israelian, organizer of the biggest science festival, Starmus, which will bring them all together in Zurich, Switzerland, from June 24 to 29, 2019. In this event, the special connection between the science and music. In the act, Jarre presented his innovative tribute to the Apollo missions now that the 50th anniversary of the arrival to the Moon will be celebrated.

Jarre has used for the first time the library of "sounds of stars" developed by Israelian to compose his music. "I am excited to include the real sounds of planets and stars in this innovative ode to the Apollo Missions," said the French musician, according to a note from the organization.

This piece of music can be enjoyed in full during the Starmus festival, which is celebrated coinciding with that anniversary of the lunar landings, one of the most important milestones in science. Jarre will lead a concert with "sounds of stars" along with the presence of other rock stars such as Brian May, Brian Eno, Steve Vai and Rick Wakeman. In addition, Hans Zimmer will make his particular tribute to space missions with his concert "Once Upon a Time on The Moon" (Once Upon a Time on the Moon). Like every year, Starmus it will also have an extraordinary staff of scientists, with a dozen Nobel prizes, and numerous astronauts and cosmonauts.


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