August 12, 2020

Jazz Otoo receives the pianist Polo Ort at the Teatro Guiniguada – La Provincia

The festival Autumn Jazz from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria returns this Saturday to Guiniguada Theater, starting at 8.30 pm, with the talented pianist and composer from the Canary Islands Ortí polo, who will offer a repertoire of his own compositions with which he will once again demonstrate his great personality on the piano and a particular vision of jazz. In a show of solvency and perfect symbiosis only at the piano to delight and entertain the audience attending the Vegueta venue for almost an hour and a half of the concert. Tickets for this essential appointment with island jazz can now be purchased through the web portal, at the single price of 15 euros.

Ortí polo He has reaped a long musical career that began with his studies in the music conservatories of the Canary Islands, Madrid and Valencia, as well as graduating from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he worked as an associate teacher as he did in our Archipelago, Madrid and Barcelona. At this time, prominent jazz performers have been interested in the compositions of the Canarian pianist, such as Gary Burton, who included three Ortí songs in his Reunion album, in 1990, which reached the top positions on the American Billboard list Jazz In 1993 he began his solo discography with Improvisations; in 1997 he published the disc Polor, produced by actor Gabino Diego; and in 1999 he continued with Polo Ortí Group Live.

Also, in 2003 he recorded the album For timple and piano, with the collaboration of the grancanario timplista José Antonio Ramos; and in 2007 the CD-DVD Friendship suite, in which he combined jazz and classical music, with the participation of artists such as Gary Burton, Jorge Pardo and the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of maestro Joan Albert Amargós. This album was followed by two others in 2011, with the title Boiling Earth, along with his band Polo Ortí Group; Y Leaked outs, along with the Japanese singer and pianist Satomi Morimoto, who took him on a prolific tour of the Canary Islands and Japan. Polo Ortí is currently immersed in various composition projects and in the imminent recording of a new record album that will soon be released and promises great successes.


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