Javier, the Gran Canaria that faces the 'campen' of Pasapalabra

Javier, the Gran Canaria that faces the 'campen' of Pasapalabra

OfThe Gran Canarian palms, has been in 20 countries and speaks six languages ​​regularly and fluently. This is Javier, who is dedicated to the export of aloe vera, and who has been since last Tuesday, October 23, inPasalabra.

The Canary won in his first appearance to Alan in the 'blue chair' before measuring the Asturian 'centenary' Fran, a legend of the program to overcome the hundred days. And is that the canary was not intimidated by the experience of his adversary, with 107 programs to his credit. He put the difficult things to the Asturian to reach 22 hits and error one. But nevertheless,Franarrived at 24 hits and fails in the last answer that will have made him win 1,176,000 euros.

From that moment, Javier continues to face the 'campen' of Pasapalabra, which is still unstoppable, but there is always a word (or several in this case) that prevent him from completing the rosco of 'Pasapalabra'. In his program number 110, the veteran contestant has returned to send Javier to the 'blue chair' and on Monday return to face the rosco, which already accumulates 1,200,000 euros.

"I do what I have to do"

Javierhas become the shoe lastFran. Four days in which it is the Asturian who ends up imposing himself, but suffering to impose himself on the Gran Canaria, who already has the title of being "the toughest opponent" until the moment of the Asturian.


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