Javier Tebas: "We will continue working to play a league match in the United States" | sports

Javier Tebas: "We will continue working to play a league match in the United States" | sports

LaLiga stays the course: it will continue working to play a party in the United States. "The puddles are to jump, not to see them and go back, you know that I am very much in favor of getting into them", has summarized, graphically, Javier Tebas, president of the organizer of the league competition, in an informative act offered this Wednesday by Europa Press.

The leader is also willing to jump over these puddles as many times as necessary: ​​"It's just one of the many games that are played every year, I never imagined that this commotion would set in. We will continue working on it", he assured. Nor does Thebes understand the criticisms leveled by the footballers' unions about the effect that a displacement could have on players: "In the pre-season Madrid and Barcelona played a friendly match in Miami, and Atlético recently had to move to Astana in half. of the season for a Europa League match.The players are professionals, they are for this.

The meeting has also served to address the current situation of the Reus after this Tuesday was known the decision of the competition to expel the Catalan club for non-payment to their players. The measure has not been free of controversy: the Reus had just announced the arrival of new American owners and Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, described the sanction as "discretional" and criticized some aspects of the budget control policy promoted by LaLiga. "Rubiales showed some ignorance of the procedures, because the decisions of economic control also go through the federation, there are 21 clubs that try very hard to comply with the rules, it can not be that a club skips the regulations waiting for a man to arrive and Save it, the victims are the rest of the teams, and you have to think about them, "Tebas has defended.

Precisely the control exercised over the clubs has been an important factor for Thebes can now take economic muscle. Under this strategy, the clubs have gone from representing a problem for the Treasury, between 2006 and 2013, to contribute 1,314 million euros to the public coffers this season, a figure that they estimate to raise to 1,478 million in the next year. Football has passed, thus, to assume 0.75% of the Spanish GDP to represent 1.37%, which has come hand in hand with an increase in direct and indirect jobs related to this sport: from the 146,000 to the 184,000 current, according to LaLiga data.

The good news has come accompanied by warnings to the Government. In a speech of just over an hour, up to four times has warned Thebes about the inconvenience of taking "lightly" decisions that affect the good economic health of football. In the atmosphere floated the doubt of what kind of measures referred to the leader until he himself ended the suspense: "A tax increase can cause 15 or 20 very good players to leave Spain." Tebas refers to the increase in the IRPF agreed by the Government and by Unidos Podemos, which foresees an increase of four points for the last section, that of the highest rents, starting at 140,000 euros a year.

In search of the foreign market

Taxes are not the only clouds that are drawn on the horizon of LaLiga. The rumors, arrived from the FIFA and the UEFA, to reduce the leagues to 18 equipment to be able to put parties of other competitions the weekends or, even, to arm a great league with the best equipment of Europe, they worry Thebes. "I sleep every day with the Excel sheet on the bedside table that reflects the money received by the television clubs, be careful, because reducing competition will affect the football industry," he confessed.

Favorable to talk about politics

One of the last public appearances of Thebes raised a powder keg outside of football: "If they continue in this line, I will vote for VOX, it is an alternative that Spain needed," he said. The great match of the Cope. The statements did not attract much attention because of the political option chosen (Tebas played as a young man in the ultra-rightist Fuerza Nueva formation) and for what was said by Thebas himself in April of last year, on the eve of the Copa del Rey final. Then, on the whistles to the Spanish anthem, he opined that "politics muddies soccer." This Tuesday he reaffirmed his position to talk about issues outside football: "When my son was born, I promised myself that he could never tell me that what I say outside the home does not correspond to what I say inside. I say about politics, it's because he does not know me. "

As a result of this concern, the competition has been launched in 200 countries in search of the foreign market in the face of national limitations: while in Spain six million people hire football in private channels, 20 million Britons do the same in the Premier . The translation in cash is immediate: while the bars that hire football pay 130 million euros to LaLiga, the pubs English pay for the Premier 600 million.

To alleviate these differences, Tebas has also announced the launch of LaLiga TV, a platform similar in operation to Netflix or HBO through which you can watch sport choosing how and when to do it on Smart TV. "We can know who sees what content and then sell the product to sponsors," he explained. Everything, to increase the money arrived from the televisions, that, after the last agreement signed with LaLiga, they are going to pay 900 million euros in the next three years. For Thebes, the future of football goes by: "Two years and five months to go back to the market, and I already obsessed."

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