Javier Santaolalla offers in the Elder the conference 'That small step for a man' – The Province

The engineer and physicist Javier Santaolalla, co-founder of the group of monologueists Big Van-Scientists On Wheels and author of The Higgs' Boson it's not going to make you the bed, is in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to offer the conference That little step for a man on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the arrival of humans on the Moon this Saturday, July 20, at 7:30 p.m. Elder Museum of Science and Technology.

Travel in time, black holes, antimatter engines and acceleration of the universe. Modern physics sounds like movie, but it is science, which tells us a fascinating history of discoveries and fulfilled dreams, of struggles and disputes, of passion to understand nature.

This fun The Higgs boson is not going to make the bed, of which The Sphere of the Books has already published 11 editions and an agenda, will help you to understand once and for all what surrounds us, from the smallest to the largest. According to its author, "physics is everywhere, it surrounds us, it embraces us and of course it includes us." Physics is curiosity, it is asking about the most obvious things, the most absurd, the most disturbing.

"I want to show the reality of physics, its most alive side, I want to convey to you the fascination I have felt in every step I took in the scientific world, all those emotions that made me love science as it is. a journey through the most amazing and spectacular corners of physics, through the quantum world and its paradoxes, through the relativistic world and its amazing consequences, "Javier Santaolalla writes to his readers, as he does with the viewers of Big Van, the group of monologuistas scientists with which can be seen colliding particles on stage in his tour of theaters in Spain and half the world. He has already published two other books in The Sphere of Books: If you tell me gen I'll leave everything Y If we come from the monkey, why are we such pigs?

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