June 15, 2021

Javier Rey, star despite himself | Culture

Javier Rey, star despite himself | Culture

Javier Rey (Noia, A Coruña, 1980) is pure ant case: someone who has worked tirelessly, climbing positions, strengthening their situation thanks to tenacity and effort. And its curriculum, therefore, serves as a tour of the Spanish television scene of recent years: Love in troubled times, Isabel, Hispania, The girl of yesterday, Operation Malaya, Shoulder strap… until you achieve success with Velvet Y Velvet Collection. There his face became popular, it came the moment of endorsement of the audience. But one more point was missing, and he entered Fariña, Antenna 3 series in which the actor incarnated Sito Miñanco, king of Galician drug trafficking.

Rey showed that there is an interpreter for a while, and that constant work gets its fruits. And in case there were doubts, his first leading role in the cinema is added, Endless, born from his collaboration with the now reputed short filmmakers José and César Esteban Alenda, who have not hesitated to repeat with their fetish actors when they get to the feature film: Rey y María León "My days go by hours," Rey says. "I recognize that I am clueless, that my head gives what it gives, in short, it is a very beautiful moment". He says it because the Galician has mixed the promotion of the film with the rehearsals in Barcelona of his new series, Hache, for Netflix and with the obtaining of the Iris prize for the best actor in series Fariña Just when he has finished another shoot, the one of the drama The silence of the white city, by Daniel Calparsoro. "Fariña It has changed my life, but like other jobs. This feeling smells familiar, although it is true that this time there may be more noise, awards … ", he confesses.

Endless – released last weekend – is as much drama as thriller fantastic: a couple is breaking down emotionally and Javier – the filmmakers have called the characters with the name of their interpreters – is aware of their degree of culpability. His obsession with scientific research has pushed him to abandon his personal life. However, it will be just science that gives him a hand: he has discovered how to travel in time and that could help him to recover María. The plot line was already in the short Not the End (2014), and these four years have served the brothers Esteban Alenda to find funding and prop up the script. "I'm very proud of this film, it's part of this funny thing that happens to the actors, we live the intensity of the rehearsals and the shooting … and then you leave and the film continues its journey, until you meet it again in the promotion". That said, he insists: "It's been a happy reunion." A becoming that in this case has been completed after a five year collaboration. "The short film was already thought of as a long film, we gave life to feelings and situations on the screen, at that moment the same as now, but they also helped us to know what not to fall in. For example, technically we learned in the sequences of dusk, complicated because the sun does not wait, and interpretative to delve into the truth of the characters.

Science fiction Endless It has more to do with feelings than with the fuss of effects, it feels closer to, for example, A matter of time (2013), by Richard Curtis. "I did not want to recover similar films, as it can also be Blue Valentine, because you have to be careful in case you resort to those memories in your interpretation when in reality they are different projects. We created from what we had in our hands, "recalls the actor, who by the way in his voice does not retain a trace of his maternal Galician accent, which both party took in Fariña

What was he afraid of Rey in Endless? "To that I embody a character in two times, very close in a temporal line, very emotionally changed, and that the viewer understood that evolution against nature." Javier has to make decisions, something he does not have in his DNA and does not even know how to do it, and there was a danger that they would look like two different characters. " For greater complexity, in Endless two narrative-temporal lines intersect: in the first we witness the couple's first meeting, in the Spain of Mecano, the gas station cassettes and the eternal trips by bus, and in the second to that amorous recovery in which two Javieres interact . In total, Javier Rey in triplicate. "I always look for what I have in common with my character to give it to him, although here he has such a particular world, a mathematical mind that I do not have to investigate more around me than in my interior, it cost me and generated anxiety".

Rey is part of a generation of actors that is suddenly growing at the mercy of digital platforms. Are you worried about which device or what format the audience is going to see? "No. Times change, supports change, this one more moment, exciting because more fiction is consumed, I do not think about cinema or television". But the echo is different. "True, I have many friends who do not dedicate themselves to this trade, and there is a recurring conversation about what series you are watching now, a domino effect is created, everything has become global and at the same time audiences are asking for more quality. : for my work and to attract another audience, many TV series win by a lot of complexity in some movies ".

It is not the first film of Javier Rey, but its first protagonist. Climb ladder, arrival to stardom? "No, please, it's one more thing, a natural process, I'm fortunate that more and more complex characters are coming in. I do not feel that it's a climb up a ladder, but it belongs to the habitual becoming of an actor, like it is that the telephone does not ring, we are workers by work, at the service of others, and the volume of service grows or decreases. " Against that fatuous star, Rey struggles walking through his Madrid neighborhood with his son and his dog, as another passer-by. "And that lasts.This work moment reaches me when there are super-attractive middle-aged characters, and when I have my feet on the ground, knowing what I am and what I am not." I did not succeed young and he forced me to continue training , to self-demand more … In the end it was good luck ".


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