Javier Mnguez not to continue as national cycling coach - La Provincia

Javier Mnguez not to continue as national cycling coach - La Provincia

The national cycling coach, Javier Mínguez, will not continue in office as of December 31 after the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) has communicated by letter, to which Europa Press has had access, his dismissal for his statements in which he denounced his low salary (25,000 euros).

"Given the reiteration of your statements as national coach for the same amount, serve this letter to communicate, as established in the contract, the final extinction of it at its completion on December 31, 2018," says the burofax, with date of this Tuesday, November 20.

In the letter, signed by the president of the RFEC, José Luis López Cerrón, it is argued that at the last meeting of the Delegate Commission of the RFEC, held on October 26, there was a debate on the statements made by Javier Mínguez after the gold won by Alejandro Valverde at the World Cup in Innsbruck (Austria).

In them, Mínguez exposed his "discomfort" and the "no continuity", continues the bureau of the RFEC, in his position as a coach "in the current economic conditions and quantities".

"At this price I do not continue, as of next December 31, I am no longer a coach, as I know that I was two years without being paid. 'Mínguez is stupid'. There comes a time when you have to stop and then you say 'goodbye'. I have helped to repair a debt of the federation, which I have not done, "he said in an interview with Europa Press days after Murcia's gold in Austria.

For this reason, the RFEC reminded Javier Mínguez that he has signed a Viability Plan with the Superior Council of sports (CSD), "where the annual positive result is collected" that they have to achieve "to reduce the debt of this Federation, which is currently more than one and a half million euros."

In this sense, the letter continues, the Delegate Commission agreed to maintain the economic policy of recent years, with a "comprehensive control" in all federal spending, including salaries of technicians, assistants and salaries of the federation's personnel, "agreeing not to increase the amount of your contract by 2018, as I verbally transmitted to you," says López Cerrón to Mínguez.

At the beginning of October, Javier Mínguez denounced that the president of the RFEC, José Luis López Cerrón, "cheated" him because worked free and without contract in the years 2013 and 2014 because, according to the president, "there was no money" to pay him.

Mínguez came to the federation as national coach in 2013. The first two years he worked without a contract and for free because President Cerrón asked him to do so due to the delicate economic situation of the RFEC, with a debt of more than 3 million euros. In 2015 the Valladolid director signed an annual contract of 25,000 euros, which was renewed the following year for two years when López Cerrón was re-elected as president.

"It's a shame to have been without a contract and charging zero euros," Cerrón cheated me, because he told me that nobody charged and that there was no money to pay me. Why was it for the female coach or for the technical director to charge 40,000 euros? And I, without charging because the bullfighter only leaves once a year to fight. The horns I take them, they give you candles in tuiter; the pressures to take one runner or another, I support them. And the others, in the barrier ", he denounced.

Mínguez stressed the pride of being a national coach and having achieved the gold medal with Alejandro Valverde at the Innsbruck World Cup, although he claimed the "recognition of a backward debt". "It's not because of Mínguez, it's because of the national cycling, it's a shame that the cycling coach receives 25,000 euros, it should be compared to other sports, the federation has economic problems, yes, there are solutions," he said.

On the other hand, the RFEC has decided not to renew the Mínguez contract, to which he has thanked "the dedication and services rendered" to the Spanish Federation. Mínguez leaves the organization chaired by Cerrón with five medals in six World Cups: the silver and bronze of 'Purito' Rodríguez and Valverde in Florencia 2013; the bronze of Valverde in Ponferrada 2014; the bronze of Jonathan Castroviejo in the time of Doha 2016, and the gold of Valverde in Innsbruck 2018.


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