Javier Fernndez retires with a new European gold – La Provincia

Javier Fernndez retires with a new European gold - La Provincia

The Spanish Javier Fernandez conquered this Saturday in Minsk (Belarus) his seventh consecutive title of European champion, with comeback included to achieve 271.59 points and say goodbye to the professional elite with a golden exercise, while the Russian Alexander Samarin took the silver (269.84 points) and the Italian Matteo Rizzo was awarded the bronze (247.08).

Fernandez, who had been third last Thursday in the Short Program (91.84), won 179.75 points in the routine Libre; with its cumulative score of 271.59, it surpassed a Samarin that had dazzled the public under the chords of 'The Greatest Show', song included in the soundtrack of the film 'El gran showman' (2017).

But the great rival before jumping to the ice of the Minsk Arena was the also Russian Mikhail Kolyada, who had added 100.49 in the Short. However, he did not handle the pressure of occupying that first place well and fell three times, injuring even his right wrist.

In this way, Kolyada finished in eleventh place with 140.38 points (5th with 240.87 cumulative score) and did not even fight for the bronze medal; This was at the hands of Rizzo, who was created with the famous theme 'Bohemian Rhapsody'from the rock band Queen.

Thus, Kolyada was left out of a podium whose highest step corresponded to the 'Man of La Mancha', protagonist of the song used by the heptacampeón of Europe and his alter ego for the 13 years of revolution in their sport. With a minority scope in Spain, the name of Javier Fernández has put on ice skating on the national map.

Javier Fernández, during his exercise. REUTERS

The focus was on the Madrid sportsman, who at the end of 2018 had made official his withdrawal from the competitive first line after amassing a huge list of winners. The Olympic bronze achieved a year ago in PyeongChang (South Korea) was the beginning of the epilogue, while dedicating efforts to popularize his passion with the show 'Revolution On Ice'

With his tour throughout Spain, along with an enviable curriculum, 'SuperJavi' he has become a pioneer in the style of Fernando Alonso (Formula 1), Carolina Marín (badminton), Mireia Belmonte (swimming) and company. Apart from media support, the skater who began his adventures in Majadahonda, in the La Nevera pavilion, has overshadowed the Austrian Karl Schaefer, winner of eight Europeans followed between 1929 and 1936.

The skating on Spanish ice has lived in Minsk such a special championship, with the presence of eight other skaters and representation in all modalities. 'SuperJavi' has opened the ban for Sara Hurtado, Kirill Khaliavin, Valentina Matos, Héctor Alonso, Olivia Smart, Adrià Díaz, Laura Barquero, Aritz Maestu and future generations.


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