November 29, 2020

Javier de Isusi, 2020 National Comic Award for ‘Oscar Wilde’s Divine Comedy’

The jury of the National Comic Award has proposed Javier de Isusi to be awarded the National Comic Award, corresponding to 2020, for the work Oscar Wilde’s Divine Comedy (Astiberri).

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The jury has chosen this work “for its perfectly articulated script with an introduction and final coda that evoke the representation of the theater of life, and a brilliant characterization of the characters through the successful use of individual interviews.”

He also highlighted that “the illustrations, very suggestive and at the service of narration, are the result of an excellent mastery of sepia ink watercolor, with subtle transparencies and different depth planes marked by virtuosity in the tonal use of the same chromatic range ”.

The award granted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports is endowed with 20,000 euros and aims to distinguish the best work in this specialty published in any of the languages ​​of the State during 2019.

Javier de Isusi studied architecture at the schools of San Sebastián and Lisbon. After completing his degree, he briefly tried out the profession and embarked on a journey that would take him for a year to explore a large part of Latin America. Upon returning from that trip, he decides to dedicate himself to what he has always wanted to do: tell stories in cartoons.

After winning some prizes in various comic book contests, he began publishing in 2004 The travels of Juan Sin Tierra, a tetralogy inspired in some way by his own travels, which soon began to be translated into other languages ​​and which includes the following titles: Marcos’s pipe (Astiberri, 2004), Neverland island (Astiberri, 2006), Crazy River (Astiberri, 2009) and In the land of the Landless (Astiberri, 2010).

After finishing the saga, together with Luciano Saracino, he takes up the scripts of the collective comic Stories of oblivion (Dolmen, two volumes, 2007 and 2011), writes The departure of the soldier, short story illustrated by Leticia Ruifernández (El Jinete Azul, 2011), illustrates the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde (Astiberri, 2012), and draws Ometepe (Astiberri, 2012), comic with a script by Saracino and that includes references to tetralogy The travels of Juan Sin Tierra.

With I have seen whales (Astiberri, 2014) – also published in Basque, French and German – is nominated for the prizes of the most important comic festivals in Spain and France. In 2015 it published for CEAR-Euskadi (Spanish Commission for Aid to Refugees in Euskadi) Asӯlum, a new graphic novel that addresses the issue of refugees from different points of view, and that, in 2017, CEAR and Astiberri co-published. Oscar Wilde’s Divine Comedy It has taken Javier de Isusi almost five years of work.


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