September 20, 2020

Javier Bardem: “Today there are some Hernán Cortés in the Congress” | Culture

Less than a day of traveling from Berlin to Mexico to shoot the series for four months Cuts for Amazon, Javier Bardem presented in the Berlinale on Wednesday The Roads Not Taken, a Sally Potter approach to dementia in which the Spanish actor gives life to a writer, Leo, who while being taken care of during a day in New York by his daughter (Elle Fanning), live other moments of possible parallel lives: in Mexico, with Salma Hayek, as a marriage that has lost its son; and in Greece, as an author looking for the end of his book. They are all Leo, but to what degree?

Bardem wears the trimmed beard to embody the Spanish conqueror. The second question will not hold much more, and will take out the mobile to show its complete characterization with vintage hairstyle: a courtesy with a hairstyle at the height of the character appears on the phone screen. “I like the quote from Octavio Paz that says: ‘It is very difficult to love Hernan Cortes, it’s impossible not to admire him. ‘ Cortés was an animal that destroyed an empire, but how not to admire a man who caused a civil war with only 600 men, a handful of horses and after sinking their ships. He smelled fear, he sensed where the alliances came from … “The scripts of the four episodes of the series, produced by Steven Spielberg, are written by Steven Zaillian based on an old libretto of Dalton Trumbo “It also portrays the abuses of the empire, which massacred the other peoples, and that is why Cortés was able to ignite that spark. At the same time, the Spanish imposed nationality and religion, something that happens a lot in Europe today,” Bardem explains. “Some drink in those same waters, and as new Cortes in Congress they stand up against the name of the race, and declare other enemies just for being different. What do you want to impose. The extreme right reproduces the same behavior of the conquerors “. In the cast will also be Carlos Bardem and a group of Spanish actors that will be announced next week. “Do you know what attracts me? That Hernán Cortés is so in the antipodes of what I am, that I love to interpret it.”

Javier Bardem and Elle Fanning, in 'The Roads Not Taken'.

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Javier Bardem and Elle Fanning, in ‘The Roads Not Taken’.

The actor defends not using private elements to build characters: “As a young man it was not like that, I was silly about suffering and looking for pain in my life … Now I work with my imagination and if you are on the right path emotions will arise by themselves, they will flow Obviously, in the Mexican part of the film, which talks about the loss of a son and that we filmed in five days in Almeria, some horrible images assaulted me, and as they appeared, they came out of me. , I don’t grab them. For that I would go to therapy. ” When shooting everything in just 20 days, Bardem relied on his two companions: “Luckily, they were always there, brave, giving me confidence and freedom to risk.” And he continues: “These characters are like sweets for actors, because you build them from scratch. Emotions are overrated in the world of interpretation. Crying, laughing, boredom … are just feelings. In life, when they give us a piece of news, we are not looking for emotion, but it simply comes up. In the cinema, it has to be the same. You have to create the circumstances so that the feelings appear on their own. ” Therefore, when asked about sacrifices, he replies: “Please, I have been blessed in my profession. Only 2% of Spanish actors make a living from this work. Have I lost some privacy? Can. I try to take a life without extravagances and enjoy acting, my passion. People on the street sacrifice many more things to survive. I respect and admire them. I am a lucky lucky guy. “

For The Roads Not Taken, Bardem is grateful that his character does not look anything like him: “My maternal grandfather had Alzheimer’s, and I remember him when I was very young, sitting on the couch, with his beautiful blue eyes looking at me without recognizing me. But Alzheimer’s is not the same as Dementia, and even less than temporary dementia. Sally underlined that difference a lot, and it can develop since you are 25. I went to meet an association in Bilbao, which invited me to meet those affected and their families. It is a disease completely unpredictable, and whoever suffers it is in front of you and immediately disappears. With very violent outbursts. ” But the script does contain a connection with Bardem: his character’s name is his son’s name. “Coincidence, it was already written like that. But it really caught me even more.” And Salma Hayek, one of her partner’s best friends, Penelope Cruz, says: “I call her Hurricane Hayek, because that’s how it is. With her we built that couple without talking about what had happened. We intuited the horror of that death, in the filming created the atmosphere for that pain to appear. ” By the way, will you repeat with Cruz in another movie? “I hope so, because for years we shun it, and now we have discovered that we enjoy it very much. And for family life it is very convenient.”

“Emotions are overrated in the world of interpretation. In life, when they give us news, we do not look for emotion, but it simply arises. In the cinema, we must create the circumstances so that the feelings appear on their own”


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